We offer website copywriting services. Before doing the actual copywriting we will do a thorough research and discuss what you want to achieve with your website copy. Generally people want to perform better on searches. Website copywriting is probably the most effective and important on-site SEO tool available. Your website's copy need to be unnderstood by humans and need to convert site visitors into buying customers. Besides being frowned upon by search engines, black hat SEO tecniques like keyword stuffing irritates visitors to websites.

Not using the words people use in everyday language and not including words you would like to be found for in your website is probably one of the worst SEO mistakes a person can make.

Our website copywriting services is aimed at the typical Kwikwap client. We use Google Webmaster tools to see how a search engine like Google sees your website. Website copywriting requires a specialist skill which is why we do not offer it cheaply and why we do not quote per word. We will quote based on the expected number of hours required to do proper research and then to write the actual copy.

We will not get involved in a website copy writing exercise for less than R2,500. The average website copy writing project we are involved in costs R5,000. We measure the cost of the website copy writing service we offer versus the anticipated value to be gained from increased traffic to your website. The industry you are involved in and the general gross profit margins are also factors which are taken into account.

We will not accept all requests for website copy writing. For us writing is an art and we partly do it for the joy of being creative. We do consider the workings and mechanisms of search engines when doing website copy but we write for humans. Certain topics will simply bore us to death and the pain of researching a topic will not be justified by any amount we charge. Once we accept a copywriting assigment we will execute the project passionately.

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