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Francois provides Afrikaans Copywriting Services for Tourism establishments. We can translate your entire websites for you in Afrikaans or certain sections of your websites so that you can show the Afrikaans speaking tourist that you care about their business. People do Google in Afrikaans and including Afrikaans on your website when targeting South African (or Dutch Speaking) Tourists are a great SEO strategy.

As the quality of Afrikaans tourism websites improve so more people are using their home language to do Google Searches. For some it has also become a matter of principle because of the onslaught the Afrikaans language is facing in politics and at Schools and Universities.

We simply enjoy creating websites in Afrikaans and developing Tourism websites in Afrikaans.

We can provide you with a write up (Blog entry) , Mini website in Afrikaans , advertisement on one of the following websites:

These websites target specific geographical areas and places of interest.

In most instances we will contact your establishments and ask you if you want to be included on one of our websites since we can not afford to be a simple advertising website and lose credibility by adding anyone willing to pay for a write up.

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