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We started our web design business in 2007 by using Kwikwap Software. Back then the slogan was Quick, Easy, and Powerful. The WAP in Kwikwap stands for "Wireless Application Protocol". The websites were meant to be mobile friendly a.k.a Mobi Sites. The websites were meant to be user-friendly so that any business owner could easily manage the websites. Over the years Kwikwap has had to improve the design capabilities of its websites to remain competitive and while the daily management of content is easy it is best to get a professional Kwikwap abled graphic designer to design a professional-looking responsive website. The term responsive website design refers to websites responding to the different devices (tablets, I Pads, and smartphones) they are being viewed upon.

This section of our FAQ's ( Frequently Asked Questions) refers to Kwikwap Websites.

We can also offer WordPress website design for those who prefer WordPress.

+ What happens to my website if Kwikwap goes out of business?

+ Can I arrange to pay for the website design in installments?

+ In whose name do you register the domain?

+ How much does a demo of Kwikwap cost?

+ Do I have to host with Kwikwap?

+ How often can I change my template?

+ Can I do my own design to Kwikwap?

+ Is there a limit on the number of pages I can have on my website?

+ What is the most important thing a website owner can do to improve Search Engone Results with their Kwikwap Website

+ What if Kwikwap's hosting fees suddenly goes trough the roof?

+ Where do you build/create the websites?

+ Why do you design websites?

+ Is it better to have one website with a lot off data when we provide different products and services?

+ How do i improve my Google Results?

+ I don't know what to put on my website. Any ideas for content for my website?

+ My Kwikwap Webwerf lyk nie so goed nie. Weet ook nie of dit so goed werk nie? Het bietjie opleiding vergeet. Kan julle help?

+ How does one setup your gmail account to email as if from another email address?

+ Ek benodig dringend iemand om my Webblad op te gradeer. Die Kwikwap Konsultant (Esme My Kwikwap Konsultant wat my webblad ontwerp het, doen dit nie meer nie.Die huidige webblad is erg foutief. Sal daar weer kostes aan verbonde wees?Ons is gelee te Bon Accord - Pretoria

+ Can you please email me the costs and what you get for this, and then perhaps we can meet or I can give you some information of what I want on my website via email first.But very important, do you use responsive design?

+ I need one or two more websites. What specials do you offer on the web design costs??

+ Tell us more about your company, where you are based and why we should use you?

+ Ons website kom nog steeds nie op as jy dit intik in google se search bar nie. Ek het nou baie goed al geskryf ens. Kan jy dalk vir my nog pointers gee wat ek kan doen dat ons by google kan opkom?

+ Page 1 of Google - Yes that is what I want .so a lot of companies offers an info email address and lots of exposure will I get that with you?

+ Wat stel jy voor moet ek doen om meer te kan adverteer op Google, vir ACD Automotive Services, ek gaan begin met n budget van so n R 1000.00 tot R 1500.00 per maand? Kan jy my raad gee asb?

+ Hoe kan ek suksesvol wees met my webwerf op die internet?

+ Need someone to help with SEO for company website. Small IT support company, need to actually show up in search results for region we serve. Also other marketing ideas to help us get our names out there. This is a very open ended job and would love to hear ideas about what you think you can accomplish and how you can help.

+ Mobile site : I have made amendments to my site but this has not pulled through to the mobile site

+ I would like to discuss with you the possibility of updating the website, getting it to the top of the ‘enquiry heap’, and also how all enquiries could feed into your own tourist websites. And also create a Face Book page for Casa Fred.

+ I copied a document from MS Word to my Kwikwap Website and now the format looks funny or different to the fonts on my Kwikwap website. How do I fix this?

+ I want a landing page on my Kwikwap website. How does it work?

+ Is it safe to publish my bank details on my website?

+ Kwikwap Websites : I need to find out where the analytics section is. Need to paste tracking ID for Google ads there.

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