16 November 2019 Kwikwap Training

Francois will be presenting a Kwikwap Group Training session in Pretoria on 16 November 2019. This newsletter/blog facility will be used as the Agenda for said traning session.

The training focusses on:


Welcome to everyone. I am Francois Marais. I have been with Kwikwap since the early days. First as a client and later as a Kwikwap consultant. I have been designing websites for clients using Kwikwap for the past 12 years. We try and limit the group training sessions to no more than 20 people at a session so we can have time for answers and questions. At registration we asked each person registering on what section of Kwikwap you would like traning on. 3 hours is a short period of time to answer all your questions but I hope that when you leave , you will have a clear path on how to achieve your desired results.

1.) Where to get help

1.1 Your Kwikwap consultant
1.2 Sureweb for designs
1.3 Buddy Web Design for CMS and SEO training via Zoom or Skype
1.4 Help in the back office
1.5 The Kwikwap Tutorial
1.6 Whatsapp help
1.7 Content editor guide

2.) How to 

2.1 General
2.2 Adding modules
2.3 Adding top links
2.4 Adding tables and images
2.5 Hyperlinks
2.6 Questions and answers

3.) Kwikwap SEO

3.1 What is SEO?
3.2 Kwikwap SEO Tools
3.3 Google my business
3.4 Google search console
3.5 Tips and examples

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