Advanced website content development

Few small business website owners get the basics of their website's content correct which is why our newsletters/blog often deals with doing the basics right. At the risk of boring our regular readers we include a short summary:

  • Choosing the correct home page text / Meta tag descriptions
  • Including the right words in your website text and early on in the important pages of your website
  • Considering headings carefully
  • Proper unique descriptive sentences of your services
  • Using Google’s free tools especially Google Webmaster tools
  • Registering with Google my business
  • Linking your Google my business page , Facebook page to your website

But what are the advanced website content development tips and opportunities?

Before we list some examples please note that purpose of these advanced website content development tips remain the same as with the basics. Your mission should be to provide users of your website with unique and relevant information about your business and products and services. Search engines like Google look at over 200 factors when determining which websites in their index should be presented on SERP’s. (Search Engine Results Pages). Please note Google only searches its index when someone uses Google to do a search so you better ensure in the first place that your website has been indexed. To check is easy: simply enter your full web address starting with http:// and hit enter in the Google search bar. If you are on the right track multiple pages of your website would be displayed in search results.

Here are some advanced website content development tips and opportunities:

  • Have a proper faq section, do a monthly newsletter / blog, include a photo gallery with proper text descriptions of each photograph. These three items could be viewed as basics which is why for the purpose of this newsletter they are mentioned in one short sentence
  • Forum on your website: With our software a forum with various discussion boards can be activated on your website. Creating website content can be time consuming but if you can get your website visitors to start creating content then you are fast tracking your SEO campaign
  • Youtube videos: A small investment in a video camera and your time can create great content and it is important to note that videos on their own can generate business plus it’s another opportunity to create a link to your website. Our web design software has a specific module to neatly group videos on your website.
  • Enable comments: If you are going to be active on your website you can activate comments on your website (products and services, newsletter, photo gallery) which will also “auto generate” content for your website. You need to be diligent to monitor any negative content on your website.
  • Forms and surveys: Using our software you can create forms and surveys for potential clients to complete or for sales reps with tablets to complete while they are out in the field doing marketing. These forms and surveys can automatically send out reply emails and add people to your mailing list.
  • POD Casts: Similar to Youtube videos Podcasts can easily be added to your website.
  • Latest work, Testimonials, References and portfolio: A custom page should be used to showcase the latest of your work. (We do have a testimonials module which is activated at the click of a button.)
  • Mini directory of local valued added businesses: A company which specializes in burglar bars can for example have a list on a page where other local businesses , even competitors, who offer home renovations in the area are listed.
  • Embedding RSS Feeds: You can consider embedding relevant RSS feeds ( Market news for financial companies our travel and tourism news for tourism websites )
  • Detailed product comparisons: You are the expert in your industry. Your expert knowledge is what will differentiate you from the competition.  A website cannot have too much detail. Provided the basic information is easy to find you can and should have a lot of in depth knowledge on your website over time.

While doing the basics right by getting a website and adhering to the mention basics at the beginning of this article you should be getting some website traffic. The purpose of the advanced content development is to increase the amount of traffic your website gets. It is important to stay relevant and on topic. You can increase your website traffic by blogging about bikini girls on the beach but it will not result in more business which is after all the purpose of having a website.

A week or two after launching your website you should be able to see your website somewhere on page 2 or 3, maybe page 1 if your industry is not that competitive. You will have the opportunity to study those websites on page 1. Your website should at least match those websites in terms of quality, quantity and relevance. Please note that some websites are much specialised and do well for few but very specific search terms. Age does play a factor at determining search results so be realistic in your expectation if you are a new player on the internet.

The big advantage our clients, smaller businesses, have is that they are flexible and our user friendly CMS software ensures that new and fresh information is published easily and immediately without first having to have board meetings or to wait for a web designer.

We are running some extreme specials at the moment so affordability should no longer be an excuse. Contact us today via reply email to get your website online.

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