Become a Web Design Consultant Web Design Business Opportunity

We are recruiting new consultants all over South Africa to do what we do. We are recruiting new consultants for Ezeweb Kwikwap

What does it cost?

  • Initial fees

You will require R2,500 to get training. If it does not work out for you at least you would have learned to manage your own websites and how to get business from the internet.

In some instances we will let you pay the R2,500 once you have recruited your first client. We will use this client as an example for you to learn how to build websites/

  • Monthly fees

You need to pay R171 per month in order to be a Kwikwap Consultant. Once you have 3 paying clients we will start paying you commission on the hosting fees as long as you are willing and able to offer telephonic support to your clients.

What can you earn?

You may charge up to R2,500 for a basic website. You may charge extra for additional services . You are required to adhere to a client charter detailing the minimum services a client can expect from a Kwikwap consultant.

We will pay you monthly recurring revenue on the following scale:

Level 1 R59 pm ex vat     You get R40pm

Level 2 R99 pm ex vat     You get R49.50pm

Level 3 R150 pm ex vat   You get R75pm

You can charge people extra for services such as photography for their websites, advanced graphic design services, setting up and running Google Adword campaigns for clients, setting up face book pages and twitter accounts, script writing etc. You should regard this opportunity as a career opportunity in an interesting fast evolving industry.


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