Buddy Web Design

Buddy Web Design uses software from Kwikwap to help people get an affordable website.

Prices start from R0, subject to hosting fees of R150 per month.

Because we have been in the industry for 8 years and earn revenue from hosting we are now able to even offer websites at no initial charge. We also offer this to clients who want a second or third website.

We need to charge design and training fees when we need to spend time on these issues. We will extend our current range of 90 plus templates with another 1,000 templates befor ethe end of June. Changes are that one of our templates will satisfy your needs.

If you like a custom design then we can offer it at R700 once off.

This offering is subject to signing a hoisting agreement with us at R150 per month. We will even include the monthly updates limited to 1-2 updates per month in the R150 hosting fees.

For those who want to learn more about SEO and doing the changes themselves we do offer onsite training as well.

That is when we will quote before we undertake the job.

You can take us op on the free offer and later buy a professional design or pay for an onsite visit for training. The choice is yours.

Time travelling, training and fuel is expensive which is why we do not mind to offer websites for free which excludes travelling , training or custom design.

The choice is with you.

Thanks for this short introduction. We will keep you on our monthly mailing list untill you either unsubsribe or get a website from us. We limit our communication via email to 1 newsletter per month. Your website has these cool built in feautures of a mailing list to which you can either email or send bulk SMS.

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