Buddy Web Design - 2014 Web Design Prices

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February 2014 has been a very busy month for us.

We have written an EBook - Relevant SEO 2014 (What small and medium business owners need to know about SEO in 2014) .

We have also created two training tools:

How to manage your Kwikwap CMS website

How to get your website to page 1 of Google if SEO is an appropriate startegy for marketing your business website.

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation.

We are hoping that we have a printed version ready by 1 April 2014. One month is simply not long enough to get it right.

Our 2014 business offering is :

1. Small Business Website (3-5 Pages) R1,250

Professional design by skilled CSS experts. No onsite training is provided. You can try the online training program if you need more than 5 pages and want to manage your own website. Once we have to visit you on-site the R1,250 is no longer applicable. (Fuel and time is simply too expensive.)

2. Standard Website Offer (Unlimited Pages) R2,500

We use one of our standard templates. No customised graphic design. These can be done later at R600 if the budget is tight. We will be training you so you can manage your website. Training will include important SEO understanding. We build our business on your long term sucess with your website.

3. Deluxe Web Design Package (Unlimited Pages) R3,100

Same as above except we give you a customised design.

We have various designers with varying design styles to choose from.

More than one website

You can get your second, third or fourth website for much less. We do ask that you at least pay the web designers so your website looks professional. We offer discount because we save time training you. The final discount is determined by factors such as the amount of time we spend loading content, consulting on SEO matters etc.

What is the catch, why are we so cheap?

The average monthly hosting is R150 plus Vat. You need to rent the software in order to have a website from us. You may find cheaper hosting but will not have us to support you. Hosting is shared with us. We only receive the money as long as we are willing and able to take 1 or 2 phone calls after the initial training. We recommed a follow up visit every 6 months to ensure you are on the right track since SEO is constantly changing. (Not compulsary.)

We only make money if you are happy with us on the longer term. We are happy to share and show you success stories.

We are also recruiting so if you know of people looking for work please let us know.

We are interested in sales people and graphic designers, tutors or trainers.(Like us to be done on a freelance basis.)

Please forward if you think someone might be interested in work or a website.

Have a good March 2014!

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