Effective Facebook Marketing (Advertising)

We are well on our way with our March 2021 goal of re-defining and detailing the value proposition of Buddy Web Design / Kwikwap and at the same time sharing the generated content on our Facebook page as our Facebook marketing efforts. As of today, our Facebook page has 579 likes. Our last 3 posts were seen by 15, 23, and 33 people respectively but had zero engagements.

Facebook gives instant gratification when someone reacts positively to something you shared but you need to be realistic with organic results that can be achieved via Facebook. Unless you are a supermodel, a politician, rock star, or the like doing Social Media marketing can be quite a time-wasting exercise.

But now that we are at least generating content for our Facebook page we can consider advertising on Facebook to get results. Our time is also money. This principle is also applied when we assist our web design clients with Facebook marketing.  

Just a further note on effective Facebook Marketing. When I set out our goal in our March newsletter - actually started on 27 February 2021 our aim was to share our value-added proposition on Facebook in short snippets on our Facebook page. I have more friends on Facebook (792) at the moment so I share these posts on my personal profile as well. It seems to be working as just shortly after doing this blog post I got a Facebook friend who asked on behalf of a friend about my web design services and my contact details.

The important lesson here is that Facebook is an extension of who you are in real life. If you are positive about your work eg as I am about web design and you share this on Facebook, even if among your friends it will eventually get you results.

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