Example: Why you should have a website

We build affordable websites for small business owners. Small business owners in South Africa mostly battle and fight for each new client they get. Obviously, all small business owners should get their own website for their business. It is simply the right thing to do.

I love showing examples:

This morning on Facebook on the group Somerset West someone asked for a specialist kitchen cupboard installer. Our client is, specialist kitchen installers based in Betty's Bay but also servicing Somerset West.

Shame on the other people for trying to promote their friend's business. They are not going to compete with someone who has a website. It is automatic proof that this person is the kind of specialist that she is looking for. She will get the answer but so will all other people who view the post. A simple example of why you need a website for your small business in South Africa.

This scenario with this specific client repeats itself at least once a week. 2/3 times a week are more accurate.


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