Finish your website

Why is it important to get done with your website or to finish the initial web design and development project? Truth is that you will never really be finished with your website if you consider that regular blogging is part of an effective content marketing strategy.

I have three of my own directories / accommodation booking websites which I run and it takes a massive initial investment of time before you start seeing income. (For me it's time for other non web designer / copy writers it often involves capital).

The real reason to get finished with your website to a point where you say I can honestly not do better for the moment is that you can get back to work, to focus on the other aspects of your business. If you are like me at times addicted to writing or blogging then you may also, like me, fall in to the trap of thinking that you are busy with effective work.

If you have to blog yourself to death in order to get some business from the internet chances are that you would be better off in spending some money on Google advertisements and getting to page 1 of Google quicker. If you think you can not afford Google advertisements then either you lack in faith in your product offering or the design of your website or you should consider your entire business model.

Finishing a project to a point where you say “at the moment I can honestly not do better” is important. There comes a time where more blogging or effort will be costlier than the benefits to be had from such efforts.

From this point your further development should be more practical like a monthly newsletter which is changed into a blog once emailed. (You should remove your standard introductory email needed to bypass email spam filters to avoid being seen adding duplicate content to your website.) You could also continue to add recent projects which are useful information which potential clients would want to know of in any event. Time spent on your website should always be recoverable in the future.

Obviously if your products or services and their prices change often you can not avoid keeping these up to date.

But the real projects which should have a start and finish dates are those big website projects which only provide a return in the long run. The sooner you complete these projects where you can start marketing your website the better. You will have had time and costs invested which you need to recover. Unfortunately sometimes these big projects need to be completed first before you can start getting back a return.

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