Google changes

As 2014 is drawing to a close I was doing some research on the internet regarding the latest changes at Google and found this interesting article on the online article on :

5 Ways Google Is Changing SEO

To sum the article up in a nutshell : The more things changes the more they stay the same ...

From starting out with Kwikwap in 2008 I have been telling clients to focus on up to date good quality content. Do your job and Google will do their job.

The above article provides for interesting reading if you want to understand the current direction of search engines like Google.

We include SEO training when we offer the one on one training because we need our clients to be successful in the long run. Everybody wants there website to appear on page 1 of Google and make them money or bring them new clients.

Getting a website in the first place is a step in the right direction.

What makes our user friendly software different is that it is easy for the average person to completely manage the content of their websites.

Some of our potential clients who receives this monthly newsletter fail to put aside the time to get their website off the ground in the first place because of time constraints. Having a website is not only about attracting new customers but also about communicating with existing customers. That in itself can save you time. We exclusively use our monthly newsletter to stay in touch with potential clients. (That saves us the hassle of picking up the phone and following up with someone who recently showed interest.)

We are looking forward to 2015 and the continued product improvements we will see at Kwikwap. As mentioned in the article in - 5 ways Google is Changing SEO it is more about building your brand and your product than about technical aspects like link building. We believe Kwikwap offers the best value for money for web design for the small medium business owner and especially with discounts being offered by Buddy Web Design for second or third websites etc. Because we save time training clients we offer discounts for second or third websites (provided we train the same person). Buddy Web Design earns part of the hosting /software rental fees which is why it makes sense for us to sell more websites by offering discounts when we have already been rewarded for time spend training a client.

Focusing on building your brand and your product has been the name of the game long before websites was conceived. We are spending our last days in Kommetjie before we move to Welcome Glen in the new year. Buddy Web Design has spend the last 4 - 5 years building a brand in the Deep South and Southern Peninsula in the Western Cape. We love working in this beautiful part of the country. We foresee that we will continue to focus on these geographical areas servicing our web design clients.

After the initial training we are not often required to assist further and very often we will either pop in for a follow up visit or quickly online do some changes required to the website. A major reason for getting a website from Kwikwap is that you can keep your website up to date and there is no reason to try and find a new web designer every few years when the current web designer has changed occupation or location.

We wish you a safe festive season and that 2015 be the year your website gets off the ground if we fail to do it this month. We will be spending some time finishing our SEO Book for 2015 to be released in the early part of 2015. The concept can be found on


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