Guide to marketing your website

We have decided to rewrite our 2015 Guide to marketing your website. This guide is for the people that really take their website seriously and have a hands on approach to managing their websites and monitoring the subsequent results using tools like Google Search Console. Not everybody is into so much detail and often we are expected to produce the results on behalf of clients. This is near impossible without support from our clients (by providing good content) .

We will be working on a chapter per week and cover that topic during the week on our business Facebook page. At the end of each sector their is a comments and question form so if you really want to have a deep understanding of websites then we suggest you study the website marketing guide as we rewrite it week by week.

In this guide we covered the following topics:


Section 1 – Basic Internet Marketing

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Buddy Web Design and Kwikwap

Chapter 2 – How Search Engines Work and the most common mistakes website owners make

Chapter 3 – How the Kwikwap CMS works

Chapter 4 – The most important / basic website information

Chapter 5 - Google’s free resources

Chapter 6 – Social Media

Chapter 7 – Alternative ways to market your business / business website (Non Internet)

Chapter 8 – Directories and paid for advertising

Chapter 9 – Links to your website

Section 2 – Advanced Internet Marketing

Chapter 10 – Internet Marketing and Financial Concepts

Chapter 11 – Google Ad Words

Chapter 12 – Building Goodwill trough Internet Marketing

Chapter 13 – Perfecting design, having a call to action

Chapter 14 – Specific advanced web development:

  • Testimonials / References
  • Forums
  • Videos
  • Images and Photo Galleries
  • Links to your website further explained
  • Professional website copy writers
  • Business via Indirect traffic
  • Current and latest work
  • Specific custom pages
  • Newsletter / Blog
  • Specials and promotions / special days
  • Widgets and Plug - ins

Chapter 15 – Other possible advanced web developments and considerations

  • Responsive Design
  • Industry Specific Modules

Chapter 16 – The continued role of Buddy Web Design

We are experiencing some nice early rain in the Western Cape. We hope this is a sign of a good year for all nevermind the current politics or loadshedding crisis. Have a blessed March! or what is left of it.

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