Important information for first time website owners

We often meet first time website owners and we love introducing them to the internet marketing world but often this is a strange new world with a lot of jargon. Fortunately our easy to use advanced software makes it possible for first time website owners to be successful.

Today we designed a website for a new client in Cape Town, a first time website owner. Still on a temporary domain:

We will move on to more advanced stuff later but this is the important basics we shared with our new client and it is applicable to all websites, even if you think you are an experienced website owner. You need to the the basics well first!

Thats the most important information for first time website owners.

Hereis a summary of the basics we shared with our new client:

We believe we should do the first simple basics well and then move on:
Business description
We need 15 key words for which you would like to be found for
(This is entered under Admin and Reports / Business Description)
About us 
Especially the first 180 words of your about us is important. It should be to the point. Example:
Ixia Animal Hospital in Milnerton Cape Town is run by four vets , offering veterinary services to clients from allover Cape Town. We treat cats,dogs, rabbits, rats and....
(Try and use important keywords)
Services Titles / Titles of Newsletters etc
It is important to choose words that you want people to find you when searching the net. Page titles are obviously important.
Animal operations
Cat health services
Dog health services
Veterinary services
Bird vet
Services description
Try and use at least 250 words to describe your services. Always use your own text. Try and repeat the title of the service soon when describing the service.
Pet Operations
Your pet's operation will be performed in our fully equipped clean and sterile animal hospital.
These are the very basics:
A few more tips:
Use your Faq section following the same principle. Your email inbox and outbox should be a good source for Frequently asked questions (Faq's) and answers.
Rather use fewer quality photographs but with proper descriptions. It is easy to generate text when looking at a photograph and describing what is happening at Ixia Animal Hospital.
Melanie will give you proper training but either she or myself is available after the initial training. My number is 0790609985. Normally 1 or 2 sessions is enough.
You can do a lot with your website but first do the basics well. 


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