July 2014 - Buddy Web Design Newsletter - Upcoming Software Developments

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Kwikwap has been hard at work in improving the current software . We have some inside information on upcoming changes and improvements to the Kwikwap system.

Electronic download module

We will soon be able to offer an alternative to making use of very expensive platforms like Amazon to sell goods like E Books, Patterns. Some Afrikaans authors currently only get 30% of what they sell after fees are being deducted by these online platforms. The electronic download module will be included in the normal product offering with an average price of R150 plus vat per month.

Improved Look and feel - In beta stage

Currently available in beta stage the basic web design tool is being improved once again . So far what we are seeing is that it is making designing your own website a lot easier so we can accommodate more "wannabe" web designers. We still prefer to make use of our inhouse specialist graphic designers so that our clients can focus on quality content on their websites ensuring that they work their way up the Google ladder. Our portfolio of work should appease even the most hardened critic that we design beautiful websites.

Improvements to online ordering

The online ordering system (e-commerce) has had a complete overhaul to fit into the industry standards of an e-commerce system. The current system is alot more user friendly and allows anyone to have their own online shop in a matter of minutes. (the big change is that products can now have variations. for example: If you are selling Clothes you can now add sizes to the options: Small - R150 , Medium - R175 , Large - R200. All without having to duplicate the products to offer the different prices.)


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