Kwikwap Training and SEO

This months newsletter covers Kwikwap Training, SEO Tips and some interesting places we have visited in Cape Town during the past month as well as some othe exiting news!

Kwikwap Training

Francois presented Kwikwap Group training sessions in Pretoria on the 27th of June 2015 and in Cape Town on the 1st of August 2015. The next upcoming training session will be on the 8th of August 2015 in Pretoria starting at 09:00. For more information / registration click here..

Whether doing group training or individual training the training always focuses on:

  • How search engines work and what you can do with your Kwikwap website to get the best results
  • The importance of doing the basics right
  • Let professionals do the design bit for R700
  • How to add content to your website
  • Ongoing support and the different available help

Ongoing help

With Buddy Web Design and Kwikwap you receive ongoing support and help, both from Buddy Web Design and Kwikwap. We are a South African based company able to offer support during normal South African working hours.

Win / Win situation

The web design fees quoted are subject to a monthly hosting / software rental fee of R150. Because we share in the monthly hosting with Kwikwap we are able to offer web design services which can be viewed to be cheap or affordable in the industry.

Clients only continue to make use of our services as long as they get results. This is one of the reasons we explain to our clients How Google Search works and give proper initial training. A happy client is also more likely to refer new business to us.

Interesting places we have visited during July in Cape Town and surrounds

July saw us visiting Table Mountain and the Castle in Town. Even for us it was an awesome experience. It was 2 degrees at the top of the Mountain! Even during winter there is a steady stream of foreign visitors. The Castle was a surprising experience. They sure can do with better marketing this experience to local and foreign visitors.

This past weekend also saw us visit the Route 44 market just outside Stellenbosch. Great food stalls, craft beer and entertainment for the family. We will definitely visit again in Summer.

Ella Marais - New baby coming soon

In other news, Melanie is expecting our baby, to be named Ella Marais sometime early in September. (There could not be a better time than now - for us , to get your website from us! Lol!)

It has been an icy winter in Cape Town this year. We are looking forward to Spring which is around the corner. (As I type a new cold front is starting to come in.)

When planning the content of your website it is important that you consider the seasons if your product is seasonal. It takes time to be indexed by Search Engines like Google so now would be a good time to start adding spring specials on your website or write about it. Same with blogging about the Rugby World cup if you are perhaps in the Sports Market. There will be a lot of information out there on the RWC so the quality of your content need to match the best which is out there to be included in Search Results. Google is a fair place. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Have a great and blessed August 2015!


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