Marketing your website

Our guide to Internet Marketing 2015 can be found on our website at the following link:

The guide is quite comprehensive although not yet finished 100% . It will also probably never be finished because we will continue to add and edit the guide as we get new information, suggestions and comments from people reading the guide on our website.

We hope people will be able to really understand how to get their website on page 1 of Google or how to market their business websites in other ways. 

Training forms a large part of our service offerings.

Not everyone wants to know how to manage their websites or learn how to do it. (You still need a basic understanding of how search engines work in order to supply us with the right information.) We cater for clients too busy to manage their own websites or not good with website copy writing. Our clients web design needs is what guides is during the design and development process.

In future we will be offering website script writing services as well as as advanced Google Webmaster account management.

Just to remind our potential clients:

We offer an unlimited pages website with or without training from as little as R1,500 once off with average monthly hosting fees of R150. The R150 hosting fee could include all your monthly updates as well. Our average once off web design fee is however R3,200.

Once we have established your specific needs we will provide you with a final quotation.

Please study the mentioned website marketing guide which is quite comprehensive and ideal for the serious small and medium website owner.

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