New Facebook Marketing Project for client

More and more people are asking us to assist with Facebook marketing. While we initially started out with designing affordable, easy to self manage websites more and more people are turning to Facebook to get business. We enjoy being social on Facebook, get a lot of web design work via Facebook and can possible also assist businesses with Facebook Marketing. Planning a proper Facebook campaign for our busy web design clients often entails a lot of planning. This client is especially very busy hence we have the opportunity to step in and assist in managing his Facebook page.

We recently assisted a client who has been a website client of Kwikwap for years to reactivate his website because he fell in arrears with his hosting fees due to the economic downtrun caused by Covid. The client also does not really have access to a PC and the client does not use Facebook himself. This makes it very difficult to assist him with being successfull on the internet. Either via a website or via Facebook. I managed to sell the client an advert on a niche directory of mine and while preparing the advert I interviewed the client, did some research, spoke to people in his industry, got some photographs and posted two posts onto Facebook with a short story. Yestrday and today I am fielding calls and passing on potential business via WhatsApp chat to my client. And I haven't even completed the Advert for which I have been paid. I always try and ensure that a clients gets a return on his investment when paying me. That way clients remain clients for a long time.

While I have been assisting this client I have been trying to educate the client about Facebook and Facebook marketing. Facebook marketing is so much more than getting a business page and then posting a few post , hoping to get a few more likes and people sharing posts. The real benefit comes when you do Facebook adverts. We have a similar situation with websites. You can only go so far until you are forced to consider advertising with Google. The businesses (Facebook and Google) are designed o make money for their shareholders. They offer free benefits for all their users but offer direct and immediate benefit to advertisers willing to pay. Thats why they are billion dollar companies.

Back to the topic of the blog enrty. I am doing this planning on a blog entry as to get possible SEO benefits for my web design ( and now it seels Facebook marketing) services.

We are busy finalising the design of a website for a Betty's Bay based butchery . Ollies Fine Meat and Sausages

We visit this butchery and deli every second or third day so it is no wonder that we eventually managed to design a website for them. But, like with many small business owners, to get the client to sit down with us to finish the website is posing a bit of a problem with the client being very busy. Time constraints is one of the reasons why people will pay us to assist them with their Facebook marketing efforts.


Below is the page plug in for our client:



When you study the Facebook page on today 31 March 2022 one will notice the number of likes on the page (649). You will also notice 17 reviews with an average 5 star review. It seems this business is very popular. The Google reviews of the Google my business page of the client is also very popular. The topic of this business seems to be much more popular than say a boring subject like web design. (After 14 years in the industry, 10 years of having our own website and page we only have +-550 likes. We will have to try harder to be cool web designers! Back to the planning.)


Steps we will follow:


1.) Complete the website. The website is our product and we want to be proud of the work we deliver. The website is our "product" which we will be sharing on Facebook and we want something to be proud of. We will be walking a few hundred extra miles with this client to give him a website to be proud of.

2.) Admins of page. Melanie and myself have to be made admins of the Facebook page

3.) Budget from client. We will ask the client to sponsor meat vouchers or similar. We will need the client to consider his marketing budget. Even though for him his stock is cheaper it still costs money. The vouchers will be needed for competitions. Like, tag and share to enter the competition to win a meat hamper to the value of ...or biltong to the value of.

4.) Consider other engaging content like disucssing braai recipes, asking for pictures of friends braaiing the products of our client and tagging friends on Facebook can also be successful projects.


The client is currently only posting every second month due to being too busy with running their business. This is where we step in. We have started with documenting one metric and that is the number of likes the page currently has. One can simply pay Facebook to get more help but this is pretty useless unless you have engaing content like talking about braai recipes or sharing happy braai pictures. With this client we will definitely go with a happy braaitime ... nou gaan ons braai attitude. But alas our client is so busy. We only need to get our drivers license. (The client needs to make us an admin of the page). This will be a fun and easy project.


We will continue with this blog later to further document exactly what we plan on doing before doing it, perhaps planning a months worth of actual proposed content to be signed off by our client. First we need to finish the website.







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