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One of the great things about Kwikwap is that there is new product developments on a weekly basis.

Below are the latest 10 changes / improvements on the Kwikwap Software:

1. Online Tutorial
We have created a short online tutorial to help clients get an idea of how the system works and how everything fits together. You can find the Tutorial icon in the main bar next to the Online Help.

This is something that will grow with time so if you have comments or suggestions please mail them to
2. Auto email sending to survey respondent
You can now automatically send an email to a Survey respondent with 100% your own custom text. Create a new Survey or Edit the title of one to activate this option for your form. Note: You must capture the respondents email address for this to work.
3. Video Module
You can now share your video's via Youtube or any other video sharing site in our latest Video Module. Just copy and paste the embed code from the video sharing site and that's it! You can also assign categories to the videos for people to find them easier. Enjoy!
4. Out of Office on Emails
You can now setup your own out of office message from within the Management Portal. Please go to Admin & Reports -> Domain & Email Management. 

You will see an icon next to your email accounts where you can setup your Out Of Office messages.
5. Out of stock feature for Online Ordering
Great news for all our clients using the Online Shop Module. A new 'Out of stock' feature has been added. Just edit a product and you will see a tick box under the price text fields, you can also specify the display text under 'Click here to change store settings -> Update your cart and custom settings'
6. FAQ Groups
We have great news! Now your Frequently asked questions can be split into groups. These Groups support images as well as descriptions. We have also made it easier to answer questions asked by potential clients from your website, you can just browse to the FAQ section and click on 'Questions by Potential Clients' to answer the questions asked from your website.
7. Custom Menu Box
We have created a customizable menu box where you can include custom links, text and images. The area is easy to use and you can also switch between boxes very easily. The Custom Box will appear just below the generic website links.
8. New Templates Added
We have added an additional 95 templates. Please go to Look & Feel to see them. When you open the Change Template button the new templates are highlighted in red.

9. Property and Rental Modules
We have improved the search facility in these modules. You can now also filter your search by price. You can set the search criteria for each property in the Management portal. You can now also assign an agent with contact details to each property.
10. Side Bar New Contact Tab And Static setting
We have updated the Side Bar so that you can now Activate a Contact Us Tab on your website and we have included a brand new Static Setting under the Kwikwap Hovering SideBar Update the look of the tabs radio button.



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