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This blog entry was first used as a newsletter which just went out to our mailing list.We use our monthly newsletter functionality to once a month stay in touch with potential and current clients. 

Constantly blogging or writing newsletters is a time consuming process but it does pay of in the long run. It is also a very practical way to stay in touch with potential clients without irritating them. It pays of in the long run because we will change the heading of this newsletter once it has been emailed and edit the introductory paragraph so that this newsletter becomes a blog entry. In that way we generate useful content on our website and over time attract more website visitors and sell more websites. (This has now been done)

We could achieve this quicker and more directly by advertising with Google , which we do from time to time but this costs money. Money is something people do not like to part with. (Another thing is time.) Just look at how quickly 2015 came and went! 

We should slow down around about the 20th of December and be back in full force during the first week of January 2016. I just realised that our November 2015 newsletter did deal with the issue of having a website and managing your time or how a website can actually assist in saving you time / money.

During the latter part of this year we developed three directories which is proving to be a success.

One is a Tradesmen Directory ( , the other is two tourism related websites in Afrikaans namely and . Why these websites are successful is because of hard work and smart work. We are being smart by being unique and focused.

How to make money with a website

Here is an article I got paid to write for the Kwikwap main website during this past month:

When the newsletter went out I copied the content from the Kwikwap Website. Google does not like that but prefers linking to resources as I did just now.

But at the end of the year I am really tired from constantly blogging . I do reap the benefits over time and now i can look forward to my websites being indexed higher over December while taking a bit of a holiday. Spening time is the same as spending money. Hopefully if i do blog well and provide the internet with useful and unique information then I will get the deserved rights from my investment.

2016 will bring...what it brings...

Over and out! Open the beer!


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