October Newsletter : Are you a brochure owner or are you serious about your Internet Presence?

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Short facts reminder

Complete Google friendly website with unlimited pages for R2,500. (Once off) . Monthly hosting between R59 and R150 plus Vat. Training included. Manage your own website. Google results in your hands.

Examples on our website (link to examples)


How do we turn ordinary people into internet marketers?

  • You have daily access to reports from Google Analytics.
  • You will know how many people visit your website and how they found your website.
  • You will be able to manage your own website and to influence your ranking on Google by working on the content of your website.

Facebook and our websites

You can visit our own facebook page .  and view our Mobi Website displaying inside our facebook page. Our websites are all mobi enabled meaning people browsing the internet using their cellphones will be able to browse your website quickly. (This is a great feauture when combined with our built in sms system).

We keep improving our product offereing at no extra cost to our clients

Below is a list of the 10 latest improvements to our system:

You can now add pod casts to your Custom Pages.These work on the same concept as RSS feeds with the difference that audo and video files are linked with the feed.
2. Documents & Brochures
We have added new icons to your Documents that are added under Document & Brochures. This is to give it a more rounded and professional look.
3. Members section | Different info to different members
You can now show different pages to different members (in your members section). Even different Groups can be allocated to different Members.
4. Allocate a Photo Gallery to a Kwikwap Custom Page
A person can now allocate a Photo Gallery to a Custom page. You can find this setting under Kwikwap Custom Pages. It is a nice way to show many pictures on one page (e.g. below Product or other information). IOW: A Custom page can take just about any information incl RSS Feeds and Videos; now you can easily also add a pre existing Photo Album.
5. General Settings
We have removed a few General Settings away from Business Information into its own heading; this includes Website Language, Website Status, Website Bar, Website Bottom info, Favicon and Website Security Catchpa. These settings are under the Admin & Reports main heading.
6. Facebook Sitelet
Google ruled the internet for about a decade. In the past year Facebook has overtaken Google as the world’s most used website. One cannot afford to ignore Facebook. There is are two problems that you need to address namely: - Facebook is not open to the general public nor the search engines (and hence you need to publish your information inside Facebook to Facebook’s users) - You don’t want to manage two sets of information, namely one for your normal (Google) website and one for your Facebook website. You should only need to manage your content in a single place. Kwikwap have integrated with a leading Facebook development company to automate the process so that you can instantly have pages inside Facebook which is generated from your Kwikwap website.
7. Protected Pages Custom Text
You can now set the 'Introduction' text before the client request permission in the members area, you can also edit the text to the success page after the client has filled in the form. These are good for stating T's & C' s
8. Mobile Website Look
This is not really new, but something that is worth re-mentioning. You can now customise the look of your mobile site by choosing main colours and creating a nice looking Mobile Website. Go to Look & Feel -> Template Colours -> Mobile Website Colours.

With the rise of mobile devices and their capabilities it is extremely important that you get your mobile website colours to match the traditional website.
9. Hide Animater Homepage Banner
You can now hide the animated homepage banner without deleting the slides.
10. Online Ordering Updates
You can now make use of Paypal or Payfast as online payment gateways. You can have more than one gateway active. Just note that Paypal does not support ZAR Rand. We have also made a new shopping cart, you can change the colour under 'Click here to change store settings' or you can activate the old cart if instead of the new one.

Special offer for October

Get a friend who wants a website as well and split the setup and training costs between two. Pay only R1,250 each. (Training to be done simultaneosly as well. Company profiles etc to be mailed before training so we do setup in advance.)

Other hot online marketing tools

Our clients get 20% discount on Beloyal an online word of mouth marketing system which we believe is better than Groupon. You create electronic discount and special offer vouchers which you mail to your mailing list. They can either accept the vouchers or send it to a friend. You can view their website for more info or find them on Facebook. We really believe that this is the future of email marketing.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you be ready to take your internet presence to the next level.


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