Ongoing personal web design and development support

Ongoing support is an important value proposition we offer our web design clients.

While there are many website builders in the market we are distinctly different in the sense that we offer ongoing personal support. Clients can choose whether they want to manage the content of their website or whether they want us to do it for them. (2021 marks our 14th year designing websites using the Kwikwap or Kwikweb website builder.)

While free website builders on the market most people would rather trust an expert to assist them with the initial web design and or ongoing web development.

We are skilled at using graphic design software such as Photoshop and managing CSS Stylesheets to give you an attractive website that will convert website traffic into participating customers. While the design bit is especially important at the start of your web design project you need an ongoing web development plan in order to attract more traffic to your website. Adding new products and photographs, testimonials or blogging regularly will greatly enhance the popularity of your website among search engines. While our website builder is easy there times when things may become tricky or difficult. With Buddy Web Design you need not get frustrated with this process. We are only a phone call away.

Zoom or Google meet is a very effective tool for online training.

If getting good search results is important we suggest you register your website with Google Search Console in order to monitor your website's traffic. That way you need not guess if your website is working for you or not and whether you need to improve your onsite or offsite SEO.

If you won't be adding regular content we prefer to skip the training and do the changes on your behalf. Small changes will be done for free while we charge our normal hourly rates for bigger changes. Both Melanie and Francois are full-time web designers and available during normal South African working hours for ongoing support.


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