Ongoing technological innovation by Kwikwap

When joining Kwikwap, clients can expect to benefit from ongoing technological innovation without having to directly pay for it. (All clients do pay monthly hosting of R190 which floats the ship that maintains and develops new technology that benefits all Kwikwap users.)

A recent innovation, the first of its kind is the ability to upload products to your website via WhatsApp. Another is the improvement of the online shopping function to count and display the number of available products. There are many more in-house developed unique features of the Kwikwap system which will be listed in the following blog.

The WAP in Kwikwap is an acronym for Wireless Application Protocol and stems from the very early days where Kwikwap pioneered mobile website development in South Africa. As the number of devices used for browsing the internet increased Kwikwap adapted to meet the need by improving the responsive functionality of their websites.


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