Online Web Design Sales Representatives Needed

We are always looking for people who are willing to do sales for us.

We spend half our time looking for new web design clients and then the other half building the websites and then training people on how to manage their websites.

Our web design fees vary between R2,500 and R4,000 initially. We are willing to pay half of these fees as sales commission to people who find us web design clients. Sometimes people will pay more than R4,000 , for example when there are many products to load. These fees will not be shared. We will share either R1,250 or R2,000 with our sales representatives.

We are looking for people who are on Facebook, with time on hand. 

Even during the Covid 19 Lockdown period life is going on. Some people will only now have the time to work on their websites. Some people are starting new businesses eg delivery businesses, hand sanitizers and masks. Some people will want to consider getting a website with online shopping capabilities. Think off all the Spars, Fruit and Vegetable Shops and Butcheries taking orders. Some do deliveries while others will get your order ready for collection so that you do not spend too much time in store.

We charge nothing for this opportunity.

We will not be spending time with individuals before they bring us a lead or lead (s) . 

All you have to do is found out if someone is interested in a website for their business. Facebook is the ideal place to do so.

We can build a website for anyone in the world.

You do not need any previous experience.

So where to next. Update your Facebook status with something like:

"Any of my friends in the market for an affordable website with E Commerce capabilities, unlimited pages. Strating from R2,500?"

Like Buddy Web Design on Facebook and message us there if anybody is interested. We will contact the people and keep you informed. Tell your friends you are learning how to sell or build websites. I can involve you in the building process so you can get a better understanding of what we do. You can also ask to join us as a consultant and learn to build websites like we do. Once experienced you can run your own web design agency with assistance from inhouse graphic designers and programmers.

The bottom line is:

We build affordabe, userfriendly websites in no time. Turnaround time is +- 48 Hours. Clients pay once happy so we do not take deposits unless we are halfway trough and the client needs more time to gather further information.

Besides asking your Facebook friends you can message businesses directly or advertise on Facebook groups which allows advertising.

More information is also available on

Francois Marais 0745470221 (WhastApp available as well)

If you have read this far and you are really keen but need a little more help then call or WhatsApp.

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