SA Exporters and Internet Marketing

South African Exporters most definitely need an effective website to asist with their marketing efforts and should also most definitely consider Facebook advertising for targeted audiences.

All businesses need websites and to consider Social Media Marketing but we will try and look at this need from the perspective of a South African business looking to export products and services to the international market.

It is also a must for people serious about their Internet Marketing Campaign to understand and make use of Google's free resources.

But let's start with how search works or how a search engine like Google works:

  • Backlinks (Penguin 3)


  • Google Webmaster / My Business / Analytics


  • Example of Facebook advertising -


  • Difference between blogging / spending time on Facebook / Facebook interest groups


  • Google Adwords


  • Understanding Gross Profit / CPC / Value of returning customer / Relevant Costs


  • CMS (Content Management System)


  • Global opportunities / Global competition


  • Time is money


  • Questions and answers



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