SEO strategy with Kwikwap

Someone from Cape Town just outside Somerset West, with a decent looking website decided to use us for improved SEO. Looks are important but results are more important. While we will match the looks (even improve by adding calls to action and ensuring the first time visitors easily gets the value proposition immediately) we will achieve better SEO results for the client.

This is how we achieve SEO results for our clients from the Helderberg and Somerset West using Kwikwap software.


TIP: (Below is an actual proposal emailed to a new client of ours. Our new client joined our mailing list in August this year and our monthly newsletter send our last week resulted in us getting to proposal stage. So the important lesson to learn is that SEO is but one way of marketing your website. It's not the only way.)

Thank you for considering us to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of your website. Improved SEO will only be achieved with us guiding you and empowering you. Please take time to read through this document to ensure that there is no misunderstanding as how we see us achieving improved SEO.

We achieve good SEO results by empowering business owners to understand how search works, by giving them measuring tools and the software to achieve desired results without hassle.


Google Webmaster Tools is a free resource from Google which enables website owners to see how it (Google) sees your website. You will see how your website is being found or nearly found . (Google Webmaster Tools will show you how your website rank for different keywords.) While we register your website on our Google account we will register your website on your own Google Webmaster Account so you can log in at any time and analyze your actual results. You will be able to see the results of your efforts and money spend in improving your website’s SEO over time. We believe that without measuring actual results you are managing SEO blindly. Once you have mastered Google Webmaster Tools we can also guide you in using Google Analytics to gain a more in depth understanding of your website’s user interaction.


For all businesses for whom local search results are important having a Google my business page is important. Even if you target people from a large geographical area you definitely want to get business from clients closest to you. Linking your Google my business page to your website will also improve SEO and is one backlink that is easy to obtain. This forms part of off-site SEO. (Work that’s not done on your website but off your website.)


You will only get quality websites to link your website if the content on your website is good. Buying low quality links to your website is considered a black hat SEO strategy and can see your website being penalized, even removed from Google’s index. It can take years to get a few good back links to your website. It does help if you are connected in the business world and can ask owners of quality websites to link to your website. Before you ask them the decent thing to do would be to make sure that your own website can be regarded as a quality website. Ask yourself the following : What am I bringing to the World Wide Web that is new and fresh and different from the rest?


The Kwikwap Website builder is user friendly and can be learned in under an hour. This will allow you to ad blog entries, edit service offerings without having to wait for a webmaster to do it for you. You will be empowered to improve the content of your website which is called on site SEO.

Thousands of websites have been built using the Responsive website building tool from Kwikwap. The technical team who have developed the software over the last ten years, and who can be regarded as pioneers in the world of responsive web design in South Africa ensure that the architecture of your website leads to improved SEO. We ensure that search engines like Google can easily access the information on your website and that you the website owner can focus on areas that you have control over.


There are more than 200 factors Google take into consideration where to rank your website for certain search terms. We need to focus on things we can change. (We cannot change the age of our domain but we can prepay our domain for a few years upfront indicating to Google we are here to stay.)

The most important thing a website owner, who is serious about SEO, can do is to do the basics well to start with.

These basics are things like your important pages headings and introductory paragraphs. You need to include words that you would like to be found for without coming over as spammy. To achieve this you have to consider words that your clients will be using when searching for the services which you offer. Again Google has tools like Keyword planner which can assist. We believe in not being too mechanical when doing website copy but in being to the point, to focus on our own uniqueness and value offering which differentiates us from the rest.

(The more generic the industry the more difficult on site SEO becomes.)


Once you are able to measure your actual results and have spent some time using Google Webmaster Tools and/or once you have studied page 1 of Google and the websites found on page 1 you will understand SEO well and be able to make informed decisions. Decisions like how much time to spend on new content versus the option of advertising with Google and getting immediate results albeit at a cost. Your time, our fees also come at a cost. You need to measure the value of a new client and weigh it up against the cost of acquiring a new client.

This whole process might seem to be a daunting task but it’s not. Improving SEO is not achieved overnight. We can get improved results within 1 to 2 weeks but in certain industries more time is needed.

At the end of the day the real person achieving good SEO results is the author of the website which is the business owner. Focus on quality content while writing in laymen’s terms (if your potential clients use laymen’s terms when doing Google searches). You may write brilliant text using high quality English but if people don’t use those words in everyday life then you will not be found by search engines because of your content.


It takes a lot of work or money to get a website visitor. Are we ready for them when they arrive. Will we convert a website visitor into a buying customer? Is our value proposition clearly visible. Do we have good calls to action to encourage a visitor to leave there details?


(Use proposals to clients to create newsletters and blog entries)

The text below will be confusing for a website visitor as you are already reading our blog. I leave it here for you to understand how i ended the monthly newsletter.

Visit our website and see how this proposal was changed to our monthly newsletter and then changed to a blog entry. We do this for specific reasons. The last reason is that the time invested this morning will see us attracting clients for years to come.

This is the introductory part of the newsletter which went out

You are receiving this monthly newsletter because of our past interaction regarding our web design and or SEO services. You can unsubscribe using the link below if you are no longer interested in getting our monthly newsletter.

I originally thought that we had done our last newsletter for the year but then this morning I sat down to write a proposal for a client i decided to use the time invested and change the proposal into our monthly newsletter, which be changed to a blog entry once emailed.

This proposal was a result of our previous newsletter send out last week. What's to learn from that? SEO is one marketing strategy to market your website. It's not the only way to market your website.

These introductory words do better in bypassing email spam filters but my blog entries cannot all have the same introduction as Google views it as duplicate content. I include Kwikwap as part of my heading as it is the software we use and is a strong growing brand.

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