Somerset West SEO Improvements to a website

This morning we are improving the SEO (of an existing website) of a new web design client from Somerset West.

How do we achieve this?

Firstly the website is being transferred to the Kwikwap platform. Some of the reasons being:

The software is user-friendly meaning that the business owner can easily blog, and make changes to his website. There is no need to email information to your web designer, wait, and then having to pay for the changes.

We generate free SSL certificates for all our clients. The current client's website is not on a secure domain which will severely hamper the client's website performance on search engines. Some browsers block people from visiting non-secure websites.

The client will receive ongoing support, not only from his two dedicated Kwikwap consultants but also from the Kwikwap Head Office should the need arise. The client can rest assured that should something happen to us he will be allocated a new Kwikwap consultant. We and Kwikwap have been in business for many years.

Improvements to the current content of the website

We strongly recommend a faq section, newsletter/blog, and perhaps testimonials to be added to the new website.

Off-site SEO assistance

We will assist the client in registering with Google search console in order to see how Google sees the website and for the client to be able to monitor actual search results.

We will also assist the client in registering his website with Google my business (Google maps) which is important for local search results.

Advise the client on the importance of having quality backlinks to his website. 

Kwikwap built-in SEO tools

We will show the client the built-in SEO tools on the services page, the home page, and the about us page.

The importance of the main page title description will be emphasized.

SEO and other training

The client will understand better than ever before how search engines work.

Import design concepts such as above-the-fold content, and having an effective call to action on important pages will be discussed.

Ongoing support

Because clients also host their websites with us we have a vested interest in the long-term success of all our web design clients..

Clients who are serious about SEO are our best clients because they use our software for the reason it was created - to get Google results. This depends largely on the efforts of the client. Having user-friendly software greatly reduces the difficulty of attaining this.

Google Adwords assistance

The Kwikwap Head Office can assist in managing the client's Google AdWords account should they wish to advertise with Google. This is done at a flat fee of R500 plus Vat p.m. without having to be bound by lengthy contracts.

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