Three of the most important factors with Kwikwap and SEO

The following three factors are probably the most important when considering your Kwikwap Website and SEO. Please stydy the document titled " How to improve Google Results" . It is found under Help / How to improve your web precense. Once you have logged into the management portal of your Kwikwap Website.

Page headings

The first important factor is your page headings or business description found under admin and reports / general information. You must choose words that equal search terms that you would want to be found for. Choose about 15 words, putting the most important ones first. Do not use commas. Exclude your business name. It will be added automatically.

The other two factors are best explained by reading an actual email to a client. (Even though you may be in a completely different business the principles remain the same. 

With Kwikwap we have taken care of the important technical structure. It is important that you work within the structure and pay attention to the following:
About us text

I took the random information from your brochure and rearranged it so that the introductory paragraph is straight to the point. What you do , where you do it etc. Your introductory paragraph in the about us section is important as we need to tell Google what you do etc. After what you do and where you do it we can expand on why you do it , when you do it etc.
Product pages titles

The headings of your products pages are important. I always choose names that equals search terms that you want to be found for. Eg "Hand  Crafted Scattered Cushions" ,
"Upholstery Fabrics" and Renewed...   . Etc. So the product name is important.
Description of product pages 
When a search engine like Google looks at a page heading it also looks at the description / information explaining the specific heading. Your information should be original. Your own. You should avoid spamming or stuffing keywords by writing in an unnatural way when describing your product. Try and use at least 200 words to describe each product. Think of what, when, where, why, how, materials used, quality control, guarantees etc.
There are more lessons on the way but do the aformentioned two items well and you are well on your way to do well on Google.
The more unique your product / less competition on the internet the easier it becomes to reach page 1. The more competition the more difficult it becomes.
It will do you well to google your products and see which websites come up. Look at the quality and quantity of text of the websites appearing on page 1 of Google.
You will now have an exact benchmark to improve upon.

If you pay attention to these three factors you would have done well and you can then start concentrating on lessor important things to improve your SEO. But first do the important things well!

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