User-Friendly CMS (South-Africa's easiest website builder)

Kwikwap, with its truly user-friendly CMS, can be learned in as little as one or two 30 minute sessions making it the ideal website builder for the business owner who wants to manage the content of the websites themselves.

The screenshot above is of Kwikwap's homepage where the statement of being " South Africa's easiest website builder" is made. From the onset of Kwikwap the vision of Kwikwap has been to provide an ultra user-friendly content management system. This is one of the biggest advantages of using Kwikwap as your website builder. You do not need assistance to manage the content of your website. Some clients even use the Kwikwap software to design the look and feel of their own websites but to do this professionally you need some graphic design skills and knowledge of HTML and CSS. We are guided by our client's needs and skills when coming together with a solution that will get the desired results.

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