Web Content Development Strategy

On-Site Seo requires that you work on your content on your website. I have been burning to get to write this blog post since i reminded myself that I have 15 websites which all show potential, but requires continuous content development. I have realised that I will need a more structured and planned approach if I want to be more successful on the internet because of time constraints. Here I am after a full days work and my family is excited to see me. Yet I am happy to behind the PC blogging away. This needs to be managed.

"11 WEBSITES ...thats how many active websites i personally have for which i need to continually ad content, pushing for results. I never have nothing to do at night or over a weekend. Thats besides my full time job which lately requires more after normal hours work. Still so much to do. Nice to know what people search for on the internet regarding certain topics . Sometimes it's surprising. My friend the Uber driver picked me up for a free ride ( he did need a letter from me as his accountant ) . Was surprised when he told me he read my blog about Jacobsbaai. The other day an attorney client said she reads my monthly web design letter / blog. There must be something wrong with me if i think no one reads and i continue writing. Need to create a more specific structure to all 11 websites , check actual results , plan time to add content, get clever with a natural process to ad the structured content on the right websites. Use those pages that get traffic but have no financial value for me to place an advertisement , call to action , to things that do possibly have a financial value for me."

Above was my Facebook status update of last night.

A friend of mine commented:

"Careful, even an octopus only has 6 arms, the other two being legs!"

My reply:

 "I make it sound a bit worse than it is. All 14 had at some stage taken time from me, some more than others. Aha there is one more so it is 15. Most are feasible depending on your definition of feasible. 15 x X might be worth it as oppose to having all your eggs in one basket. There is money in real estate when you have a good location and so it is for virtual real estate. Location can be largely influenced by time and effort into putting good content out there. Information is a commodity. 10 years ago websites was difficult, a novelty and expensive. Now anyone can do it and be a self publisher. If i get paid directly or indirectly i guess i can stake a claim to being a published author. A website consist of individual pages much like a traditional book. The Librarian is Google. The focus when having a website will more and more change to content, having the best useful content out there. It's already happening. Not everybody realises it though. Some of the 15 websites, 5 of them i have not touched in the last year so maybe its not so bad. Ok off to be i go. Cheers uncle Charlie! "

My competition also visits my website so I am a bit hesitant to do a full discloser of my own web content development strategy.

I earn an income from websites by selling new websites, doing SEO consulting , getting accounting work, specifically business plans and sage one training, earn commission from the sale of products or the booking of holiday accommodation. I also sell direct advertisements on tourism and tradesmen directories. So I have a reason to speak to 90 percent of small businesses in the areas in which I operate. These ares are not limited to where i currently live but obviously I target my immediate location more intensely.

There are two other areas besides the Helderberg on which I focus because of time spend their in the past. You can safely say by simply spending time on Facebook I can get a new lead very 30 minutes at the least. That is if I could spend the full day on Facebook. The idea of developing the content on your website is that people find you via search engines. You can also share some information on social media , do email marketing campaigns or specific qualified individual emails making a potential customer curious as to what other content can be found on your website.

At the end of the day you need to have a product which will sell.

My desire for my small business web design clients are that they are successful on the net with their websites. It is easier when they actively add content to their website. This blog entry is an example. Time is limited for most successful people or people aiming to be successful.

Here is an example where I took some of my private conversations or thoughts from my personal Facebook account and turned it into a blog entry. I think that's time well spent!

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