Web Design 2030

You are receiving this once-off email because you have been identified as a stakeholder in the future web design agency we want to incorporate.

A web design agency that will still be profitable by 2030. A web design agency that can from next week or the following be up and running and start to generate web design-related work. ( Design and setup, Training, Creative Advertising, Graphic Design, SEO services, Google AdWords, Videography, Photography, Website Copywriting, Google Analytics, Search Console Management, Social Media Marketing, and Facebook advertising.) In other words not only a web design agency but an Online Marketing Agency offering to be the marketing partner of small and medium businesses in South Africa.

We can try and offer these services on our own as a mom-and-pop business but we would rather identify partners to establish a nationwide agency that offers these services under one umbrella where clients get a client manager who manages the different processes within an established pool of in-house talents. Not everyone who can sell and keep clients happy can also to graphic design work, resolve complex email issues, or analyze website traffic using Google Analytics. A mom-and-pop business will always be limited in terms of available time.

We want to start charging R12,000 to R50,000 for the same websites that we currently offer at R4,000. We have over the years lost business to people that expect to pay more for web design. Let's just say that we want to move away from a flat or fixed fee per web design and tender web design at the highest possible price that the market can take.

Our business model is currently built upon the idea of having many clients pay a small monthly hosting fee. In return for the hosting fee, we offer one or two free phone calls per month. For some clients, we will even do their annual updates in return for the hosting fee.

There are clients out there looking for ongoing value-added services like Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation and these clients are willing to pay for services.

We use the Kwikwap Website builder to build websites. Over the years we have been successful in selling websites and keeping clients happy, well for most of the time. At the time of writing this, we have a client who is transferring his domain away from us. The client got a virus on his computer which disabled his emails.  It took time and we are not really in a position to remotely remove a virus from a client's computer. If you do not remove a virus the problem will persist. The client was busy with a large contract and needed to use his emails and so he started threatening us with Hello Peter if his problem with emails is not resolved by a certain time. We have another client today on this public holiday who can not use his emails because he too has had a virus. He had to prove to the email technician of the head office that his virus has been removed. He did so yesterday afternoon at 17:00. I do not know when the email technician will fix his email problem. Are we like Afrihost which does not offer support over weekends and public holidays? A solution could be to charge people decent fees when we have to fix the problems caused by themselves over weekends or public holidays, In general clients should be perhaps charged a fee when they get viruses and it causes problems with their emails.


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