Website for Restaurant in Paarl, Western Cape

We have designed your website for your restaurant and coffee shop in Paarl.

You can view the website on this temporary url: .

You will be able to manage your website after a training session or two. (This is a process so fear not! We are patient teachers.)

You will receive a welcoming email containing your username and password. You will need to visit and log in at the bottom right hand corner with your username and password.

Your website should be viewed as a business tool to get business from the internet. But how will people find your website out of the million of other websites out there? That is where search engines like Google can assist. Your website should be found for search terms like Paarl Restaurant and Coffe Shop, Paarl venue for kitchen tea's. (This does not happen overnight.) You will need to work on the content of your website and ad as much as possible relevant content to your website. You do not have to worry about complex terms like meta tags and keywords. Just write in a natural way about your business and the products and services on offer. Never copy text from other websites as Google might penalise you.

We assist ordinary people to become internet marketers

We will sit next to you in one or two training sessions.

1.) We will explain to you how search engines like Google work and what you can do to improve your ranking with search engines.

Please read the document : How to Improve Google Results .

2.) We will show you where you will be able to measure the success of your internet marketing campaign.

Please read my Blog entry titled : Becoming an Internet Marketer 1 : Measuring results on your Kwikwap Website 

3.) We will show you how to manage the content of your website and where to adhere to certain things that is important for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and your Kwikwap Website.

Please read my Blog entry titled : Three of the most important factors with Kwikwap and SEO as well as my Blog entry titled :

Kwikwap SEO Tip 1 (Search Engine Optimization) - Page Headings

Don't worry if all of this seems overwhelming at the beginning. We have taken these factors into consideration while creating the framework for your website which includes concept script writing. 

4.) We will also assist you to link your website to facebook and twitter. We will explain terms such as Keyword Density and having a call to action on your web pages.

After the initial training sessions we will still be available to offer telephonic support or assist via skype or facebook. Sometimes we will rather do something difficult or too technical for you instead of spending time trying to teach you.

Some unique and important features of your Kwikwap Website:

  • Your website is designed to also load quickly on mobile phones. (85% of travelers use their smart phone while travelling) This is important for your business as it will attract tourist travelling in and around Paarl. Even some Tannies and Ooms use their phones to Google! (You will see!)
  • You also have a built in SMS System which works nice with your Mobi Website. (Have a link on your SMS back to your Mobi Website) Click here to view your mobi site : 
  • Your website can have unlimited pages and photo galleries

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