Websites for beauty salons

Please have a look at two of our beauty salon clients in Pretoria whose websites are on page 1 of Google. We have recorded a video to show you what we mean with page 1 of Google. We give you a preview of our technology. Below you will find a summarry of our website pricing:

Web Design Pricing

Buddy Web Design offers 3 web design packages (initial fees):

Small business website: R1, 250

No training is offered with this 3-5 pages web design package. We still offer the design services of our experts.

Standard website package: R2, 500

Training is included with the standard package but design is limited to standard templates.

Deluxe website package: R3, 100

Training is included as well as custom design by our experts.

Discount is offered on 2nd, 3rd or more websites as often training is not needed after you have been trained with your first website. We do ask that you still make use of our web design experts at +- R600 for the design side of your website to ensure a professional look and feel.

We will load 10 – 20 pages for you and show you how to load hundreds more yourself.

In theory you can get 5 great looking websites for R5, 500!

Monthly hosting with Kwikwap is compulsory. The software is offered as a service similar to Pastel online. You do not need to download the web design and content management system. We keep on improving on our product offering.

Kwikwap generously share their monthly revenue with Buddy Web Design as long as we are willing and able to field one or two phone calls from clients per month. Additional training may be offered by Buddy Web Design, for example in the case of employees responsible for the website resigning with clients.

Your Kwikwap consultants (Buddy Web Design) will remain a vital component of your Web development project plan. It is a good idea to arrange for an additional 6 monthly consultation of 1 hour with Buddy Web Design to ensure your Web Development plan is leading you on the road of success.

Both Kwikwap, the License holders and Buddy Web Design have a vested interested in the long term success of your web development program. No other paid for web design company in SA builds more websites than us.

(We offer a R500 referral fee so these consultations could cost you nothing.)

We love training people and them being successful. You will find great advice on on the subject of search engine optimisation. There is a free Ebook which can be downloaded.

Monthly hosting:

R59 ex vat: No domain but address eg (not recommended)

R99 ex vat (Level 2): Own domain + 1 email.

R150 ex vat (Level 3): Own domain + 1 email + Google Webmaster, Online Shopping, Mobi Website & free SMS shortcode.

R200 ex vat (Level 4): same as level 3 + unlimited emails.

Additional fees are charged when activating certain modules like 3rd level product groups, classified ads or business listing. (Generally by much larger websites taking up more traffic).

We do not have a limit on the number of pages but in the very rare case of large traffic / data volumes additional fees will be discussed according to industry norms.

*Annual increases:

Annual increases are expected to be in line with CPI (Consumer Price Index of Inflation). We have to remain competitive in a world regulated by supply and demand.

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