What makes Buddy Web Design and Kwikwap different?

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A few Key points of what makes us and our service unique:

  • We use software from Kwikwap (A successful national company with more than 5,500 active websites.)
  • Our mission is to assist the ordinary man in the street to become an internet marketer. 
We start with our training once you are happy with the way your website looks. Normally this is where your service from other web designers ends. Our software is so quick and easy we do not mind showing our clients the final product before they have to finally commit to our product and services.
We will show you how to easily access your reports to measure the success of your website (number of visitors) .
We amplify the importance of proper content to improve search engine results.
Because all the difficult coding and programming have been taken care off our clients can focus on good , quality content and thereby work their way up on the search engines.
We normally need two onsite training sessions of 1,5 hours to properly train our clients on how to add data to their website.
So our clients understand how Google works, know where to measure the success of their internet marketing efforts and know how to improve and add content to their website on a regular basis.
  • At R2,500 our websites are extremely affordable
  • Our websites display on four different platforms
  1. Normal Computers
  2. PDA's and Smart Phones
  3. Older Generation Cellphones
  4. Optional : displayed inside your face book page
  • Kwikwap continues to improves their technology on a monthly basis
With Buddy Web Design you have the added advantage of having two dedicated Kwikwap consultants to contact should you require support.
Please note my new Cellphone number:
Francois Marais 0847007708
Melanie Schoeman 0768470492


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