Analysing your Website's Google Clicks

It is always very rewarding to see our web design clients found on the internet. After all most of our web design clients come to us with the need to be visible and to get more business via search engines like Google.

After completing a website and the client signing off on the website we submit the website's sitemap via the Google search console. Google will then periodically crawl the website and index the pages on a website that meets Google quality control standards such as the content being original and not duplicate content. (Duplicate meaning on the client's website as well as on other websites found on the internet.). 

Google search console has recently started to push through such results via email. One example is a local web design client from Betty's Bay which has received 15 clicks in its first 28 days of being in existence. For us and the website owner, this is very good news. It means that people are searching for his business or the products and services that his business offers and that he now is in control of the information which is being supplied to such businesses via their own website.


We design many websites for many businesses throughout South Africa. What we have noticed over the years is that although the principle of search remains the same that Google is continuously evolving and improving its product offering. It might actually surprise people to know that Google wants o help website owners to do better in Google searches. Ultimately they do want advertisers but their free product offering is great as well.

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