Becoming an Internet Marketer 1 : Measuring results on your Kwikwap Website

So just how do we measure results when we are busy with Internet Marketing?
The penultimate answer will be when you measure the amount of new sales due to your concerted and Combined Internet Marketing efforts trough your website and Social Media like Face book or Twitter.
But before you have sales you need website traffic and you need to measure the actual results with your expected results.
With your Kwikwap Website you have access to your daily Website Hits and Search Terms used.
You can select the date range you wish to analyse.
Let's take an actual website which we sponsor.   Click the link. It will open in a new window.

Below are are the actual website hits for the past 30 days of this website.

This report is found in your management portal under admin and reports / search terms and country hits.

Unfortunately the from country includes clicks by Robots. Programs search engines use to crawl your website in order to index your pages.

We prefer to focus on the left hand column.

For more advanced reports we use Google Analytics but this simple summary is a good start.

Click the date to choose another range (Data available from the 31 March 2009)
Date range:
african hand line fishing 1
best pizza in kalk bay 2
brass bell karaoke 1
brass bell karaoke finals 1
brass bell live band 1
brass bell live bands 1
brass bell live music 6
brass bell pic kalk bay 1
brass bell restaurant reviews 2012 2
brass bell south africa reviews 2
brass bell, kalkbaai, band dates 3
buying fresh seafood from harbour 1
cabin pub kalk bay 2
fishing off kalk bay harbour 1
guest house cork bay 1
hand line fishing box video 1
hand line fishing george in kalk bay. 1
holiday houses kalk bay self service cottages 1 2
Information hands lines 1
kalk bay businesses 1
kalk bay fishing hand lines 1
kalk bay train timetable 1
kalk bay train tour 1
kalk bay website 1
kalkbay guest house 2
kalkbay where to stay 1
live music kalk bay 1
living in kalk bay 1
moonrise kalkbay 1
mosaic workshop kalk bay 2
mosaics in kalk bay 1
outspan kalk bay 2
outspan kalk bay menu 1
outspan restaurant in kalk bay 1
outspan restaurant kalk bay 4
outspan restaurant kalk bay menu 1
outspan sea food 1
outspan seafood restaurant and grill 1
polana kalk bay owner 1
restaurant specials kalk bay 2012 1
rivertones band 1
the brass bell restaurant reviews 1
the majestic spa in kalkbay 1
the outspan kalk bay restaurant 3
things to do in kalk bay 2
things to do in kalkbay 3
tribeca restaurant 1
tribeca restaurant kalk bay 1
web design courses 1
Web.kalk 2
where to buy fresh fish kalk bay 1
why would tourists visit kalk bay 3 2
Unknown 851
Canada 1
China 198
Colombia 9
Denmark 1
Europe 24
Finland 2
France 93
Georgia 4
Germany 3
Japan 3
Kazakstan 2
Korea, Republic of 8
Latvia 4
Moldova, Republic of 1
Netherlands 3
Pakistan 3
Philippines 1
Poland 5
Russian Federation 79
South Africa 116
Sweden 313
Thailand 24
Ukraine 155
United Kingdom 51
United States 1238
Vietnam 4
Zimbabwe 1

Total for Period: 3197

conduit 1
google 71
bing 6
sweetim 1
avg 2

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