Business Marketing and Coaching

A new service offering by Buddy Web Design, Business Marketing and Coaching, is being developed by Buddy Web Design. 

Teaming up with an experienced and successful Business Coach Buddy Web Design is busy developing a new Business Coaching and Marketing Service where we will be more actively involved in an ongoing manner with getting results for our clients. Getting results = increasing sales. Francois holds a B –Compt degree and before doing web design spent 17 years doing financial management and accounting work. Besides doing the normal website which includes training on SEO and possibly assisting with script writing services we will assist with Google Advertising campaigns trough the Kwikwap Head office.( They offer an unbeatable service offering when it comes to Google AdWords.)

This service offering will include some training and coaching in financial concepts related to websites and Google Advertising of which some is explained below:

Understanding advertising costs in relation to sales

Your initial website expense and your monthly hosting fees form part of your companies advertising expenses. The more you spend on advertising the more you can expect your sales to increase. At least that is what happens if your website brings in new business for you.

Generally only websites that appear on page 1 or maybe page 2 of search engines like Google bring are considered when people search the internet for products and services. It either requires a great informative website with lots of text and information or it requires a direct advertising expense with search engines. You will have to either pay or spend time on your website before getting business from your website. If you accept that your time is your money then you will agree that it is going to cost you something to bring in new sales.

To illustrate let us use a new fictional company who offers accounting and auditing services in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. Let us assume this company has just started by buying an existing business or block of fees from another company. Without advertising the company is expecting a turnover of R400,000 for the 2016 financial year. With spending R5,000 on a website and a further R25,000 on Google Advertising the company can reasonably expect to increase turnover to R450,000 for the 2016 financial year. That sounds like a low return doesn’t it? But accounting firms know that clients return year after year all too well. They will start their 2017 financial year with an expected turnover of R450,000. We call this goodwill.

With the new service offering we will help business owners practically understand what they spending and what they are gaining from their advertising efforts. This service will require a little more active involvement from Buddy Web Design.



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