Call to action design

Designing a call to action or calls to action on your website is very important. There are many great articles on the internet on designing calls to action and articles with examples of winning call to actions.

As part of a local marketing drive we have started a directory for Tradesmen for the Helderberg. .

It is a clever marketing ploy for a web design company to develop a Tradesmen Directory for your local area as there is the following benefits:

  • Forces you to systematically contact Tradesmen in your area with the opportunity to not only offer a listing but possibly a website
  • One can give your current clients a link which boosts their current website's SEO
  • The listing itself can bring current clients more work
  • The Directory can be shared on Facebook when people are looking for recommendations for specific Tradesmen. (Each time you share the specific Tradesmen your directory and you, the Web Design company running the Tradesmen Directory also get exposure.)
  • It can help really small start up companies with a limited budget to get started with some exposure on the internet.
  • It offers an alternative for Tradesmen who are really bad at copywriting.
  • It can provide an alternative and additional income source if the Directory is managed well and seen trough from inception to where it becomes viable and self sustaining.

But what call to actions do we need for the Helderberg Tradesmen Directory ?

For the users of the website we want them to search for a Tradesmen and also to complete a request a quote form so theTradesmen listed can receive an email.

We want potential advertisers to enquire about a possible listing. They will need to see the benefits of a listing namely:

SEO Improvements of their own websites buy getting a link

New business from the listing (Receive quote requests)

Get advertised on Social Media when people are looking for your services

We will do the SEO of the Directory to get better exposure for all.

Ok so lets send this off to the designers and see what they can come up with!

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