Cape Town Web Design - 2016 packages

The 2016 Web Design packages from Buddy Web Design for Cape Town clients has not changed much since 2015 with no price increase for January 2016 envisaged. Cape Town has as per usual been slow to start the new working year with this past week seeing people focussing on children going back to school and the related expenses.

We hope that we are able to assist

Our product / service

We offer unlimited pages, responsive websites which can easily be managed by yourself. Google results are guaranteed provided basic principles (like proper and unique content on your website) are adhered to. We assist with important functions like Google Webmaster and Google My business registration which are vital for your success. We explain how search engines like Google work and what you as a web designer should do in order to get the best possible visibility on the net.

2016 Web Design fees

  • Small business website = R1,500 once off. 1-5 pages (No training offered). Basic design.
  • Standard Website = R2,499 once off. Unlimited pages. Includes training . Basic design 
  • Deluxe website = R3,999 once off. As above + advanced design 

Above subjected to monthly hosting of R150. The monthly hosting fee includes 1-3 basic changes done for you per month. Other fees are new domain registration at R200 annually renewable at R150.

The most important SEO principles when designing a new website:

Most of our clients want to appear on page 1 of Google. This is achieved by being unique and by offering information which no other website provides or providing it better than other websites . The more competitive your industry the more work is required. Some industries are so competitive that you be better off not too overly rely on SEO as a marketing strategy to promote your website. There are other ways to market your website.

But when it comes to SEO for small and medium businesses the most important SEO principles include:

  • Carefully consider your main business heading/description
  • The introductory paragraphs of important pages like your home and about us page should include important words (key words). You should somewhere in your website include those words you would like to be found for.
  • Headings of your products and services pages are important plus the description of these products and services
  • Have a FAQ section
  • Make sure your Website is submitted to Google's index by using Google's free resources

These are the basics and the most important of any website is that the basics be done well. Before moving on to the more advanced considerations like adding a testimonials section to your website. Most website owners do not get the basics right because attention and energy is placed too heavily of design issues and nice to haves. We can provide stunning designs and the nice to haves but we really believe that the basics need to be done well to lay a good foundation.

What we need to start your website?

We design websites from scratch but the following might assist us to get started:

  • Links to existing website / Facebook page
  • Company profile
  • A few quality photographs of your products and or services
  • Address and other contact details

Tip: Study the websites of your competition doing well. Your website's content should match those in the top results if you expect to be counted among the top websites. By doing a few Google searches you will get a realistic benchmark of what is expected. Make sure you distinguish between organic search results and those businesses advertising. 

Other news

Francois and Melanie celebrated their marriage on 15 December 2015 so Melanie is now known as Melanie Marais. Somewhere we perhaps need to change the about us text on our website. Always remember the cute stuff can be mentioned later on important pages. The first paragraphs are reserved for what you do and where you do it. This may sound like very basic advice but just as basic it is , so important it is.  

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