Discounted cheap websites

Many people search for cheap or discounted things, including website design. For what we offer trough the powerful website builder / CMS (Content Management System) our web design services can be viewed as cheap or affordable. Think about it: Unlimited pages , Easy to Manage starting from R2,500. That surely is cheap or affordable.

One of the reasons we are able to offer these amazingly affordable web design rates is because we earn ongoing revenue from the complusary hosting fees attached to our web design offer. R165 pm will not break the bank.

In a months time I will quit my full time employment as an accountant / financial manager and say good bye to the comfort of a paycheck at month end so naturally I will be nervous about getting in enough business to be able to still pay all the bills. One of the first ideas that crosses the mind is to start offering ridiculous specials thinking that due to the law of demand and supply one will get more business.

We have tried it and it does not work. We are often perceived as being too good to be true or offering an inferior product because of our prices. So in fact we will soon have to increase our prices with between 8 and 10% at least.

In many instances in the past we ran into trouble with clients for whom we offered a cheap or special deal. It is as if those deals are jinxed. In a spiritual business sense I like to offer the same price for the same service for everybody. That is fair and decent business.

We do much more than create beautiful and functional websites. We offer training on how to ad content, how search works (Google), training on using Google search console, quick assistance in getting the important Google My business (places) listing, even if need be to open a Facebook Page. Once everything is done and the domain is transferred we even assist with getting your emails up and running.

Reading myself what I am writing here I realise how important it is to have a look at our prices compared to what we offer.

This has been a too long introduction into the blog i wanted to write.

The real reason my mind wandered to discounted cheap websites or running special offers is because I know from experience that the only time my mind wanders in that direction is when I become too lazy in my marketing efforts. Sitting here at 06:15 in the morning , doing another blog is an active marketing exercise. I will share this blog just now on Facebook. Over time it will count as original, fresh content by search engines like Google.

I will be planning a very active sales strategy and associated practical daily activities in order to ensure we have enough new business. This will include doing a lot of cold calling. (Once I get started I actualy start to enjoy it.) . The secret in sales and marketing is to have a long and wide as possible funnel of leads. Sure there are other things we do like sending out a monthly newsletter as well. 

We also pop into existing clients and make sure they are happy and still on track. If not we offer to assist. We will be visisting clients and do some prospecting, ask for leads from people they know. While there ask them for a testimonial for our own website or a recommendation on our Google My Business Page.

When you spend enough time and money on marketing (this includes getting a website and spending time on your website) then you do not need to offer specials or discounted prices. So no we will not be cheaper. The real danger is that we get too busy to help people who can not afford it while not having time to assist those people who do pay a fair price, even being prepared to pay extra for value added services.

Having been in the industry for a long time and running our own information webistes we do have a few value added services to offer. More about it later...


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