Effective time management

This months newsletter deals with effective time manage. To effectively manage your time you need to organise and streamline your business, put procedures, checks and balances in place like having your PA taking phone calls while you are busy being the Managing Director.

This blog entry covers some awesome personal news, effective time management, seo as well as hosting options for 2016. 

Personal news

The partners of Buddy Web Design will celerate their wedding tomorrow at 15:00.

The name Buddy Web Design is derived from the fact that Melanie and Francois were best friends from school. We met at the same High School in the ninethies. Things happened like military service etc. We reconnected via Facebook while both were being separated for a long time. We started Buddy Web Design with one goal and one purpose and that is to be together one day as husband and wife as was willed by my Father. 2016 could see this being shared when the time is right on the following website But 2016 will look after 2016.

For now we go on holiday.

For our existing clients who need support. If for any reason neither me or Melanie is available via telephone we will leave the right contact details as voice messages on our cellphones.

Kwikwap Head office as a backup can also assist. There details are on their website.

Always contact us first before contacting us unless it is query of a technical nature. .

You will realise after training what is of a technical nature and what we or you can sort out.

Time management

Before this newsletter was send out I wrote a specific client an email because we are sending out invoices and closing down for holidays. That email will now be copied and pasted and I will reach a lot of people via a newsletter which we will share on Facebook and Twitter.

We change the introductory paragraph as soon as we have send the email since our standard inroductory paragraph is meant for bypassing Spam filters.

Our headings and the introductory paragraph then gets changed to consider the possible future benefits.

And lastly this newsletter would then be used for training purposes for our own staff and clients on how to effectively manage your time, how to manage your newsletter, get SEO results etc.

There is way more than meet the eyes at first glance.

I offer all my clients one price for 2016
Which is why I cc Hennie and Louise as well regarding Bobbejaanskloof
Option 1 - Upfront cash payment
R1,650 for full year = R137.50 per month
Get two months free for upfront payment
(You save on bank charges as well )
Option 2 - Monthly manual payment
Or R150 per month plus admin fee of R50 per month if paying manually 
You pay R2,400 = R200 per month
(We email and phone and waste time)
Option 3 - Monthly debit order payment
R150 per month
Annual domain renewal R150
Above options are subject to change but will be linked to:
  • Possible CPI / Hyperinflation 
  • Valued added tax status of our Kwikwap Franchise, Kwikwap Ezeweb CC as well as rules as guided the main License Holder Kwikwap Mobile CC
  • Recommendations by our legal advisors during 2016
May you all have a great relaxing time with family and friends and thank you for the business during 2016
Regards and thank you very much 
Special thanks to my Father


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