Example of effective Facebook marketing

I see so many people wasting time with their Facebook marketing efforts that when I found an example of where it is working I had to quickly sit down and blog about it.

My brother Dr. Koos Marais wrote a book on the life of Elias Le Rich (Former park warden of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park). He first spent more than a year doing in-depth research, visited the Kgalagadi, taking photographs, interviewing various interesting people, even making short video clips before finishing the book.

These are the kind of things people want to read about when visiting Facebook to relax. Everyone has had enough of politics and covid 19.

Things you don't want to buy but have to like vehicle tires are called grudge purchases. This is not the case with his book and the content he has available to share on Facebook. People easily share such posts but not grudge purchase products.

In the example above, because he had a Facebook page in the first place I could share a link. (The same principle applies to having a website - get a website or Facebook page so people can easily share your product or business on Facebook).

Secondly, I could share it with a Facebook friend I genuinely know. ( Facebook is about genuine relationships albeit online - be nice and tread carefully).

Thirdly, I have read the book myself and it is a must-read. (I don't recommend products or services I do not believe in. We do believe in most of our clients so our web design clients automatically get two people who spend most of their time online to assist with the ad hoc sharing of websites on Facebook where applicable.)

Lastly, he shares interesting, relaxing stories on his Facebook page.

He does his Facebook marketing himself which makes it affordable. It is so difficult getting a return on your investment when you have to pay other people to be you on Facebook and sometimes it can have disastrous consequences. A while ago a disgruntled drummer from the band, Die Heuwels Fantasies, lost his mind a bit and hijacked the Facebook page. Another friend of mine asked his daughter to reply to comments while he was out of reach in the bush, also with negative results. One has to think very carefully when you entrust someone else to be you on Facebook. These are the reasons we will assist people to do their Facebook marketing themselves.

The topic also does very well on certain focus groups about the Kgalagadi. He did put in a lot of effort in researching a very interesting topic. The lesson here is that you need to consider your value proposition when thinking of sharing it on Facebook. Not everyone has something that people would enjoy and want to share on Facebook. These are the cold hard facts of social media life.

I myself do get business from Facebook. More from my personal profile than from my business page. Before I share information on Facebook I create the content on my website with the hope of it being indexed by Google. Google does not index Facebook posts in general, perhaps headings of Facebook pages, because of privacy concerns.

I get business because people see that I am positive about what I do and have been consistent in the passion for my work for years.

Hope this short blog gives you some insight into effective Facebook marketing examples.

Below is the link to the Facebook page mentioned in this blog.


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