Examples of better than the rest websites

In my previous blog entry on this website (How much content should one ad to a Kwikwap Website) I used the example of a dentist, plumber and electrician not being able to say much different from the next dentist, plumber and electrician. While this is generally true there are exceptions to the rule.

My own brother is Dr Koos Marais, a dentist from Pretoria.

While he is a Dentist he is also an Academic as well as a published author. He has always enjoyed writing and so he, being passionate about the dentistry industry blogs a lot. He says he is nearing retirement age so he does not get excited about having a lot of work at this stage of his career but he definitely gets a lot of visits to his website and clients as a result of it. He also gets phone calls from other dentists all over South Africa. And importantly because of him being an authority in the field of dentristry and having a quality website he just "scored" a link from my website to his. That will boost his websites ranking. That is how the internet and the ranking of websites work. The more quality websites linking to your website the higher the page rank. One needs to work hard at earning the right of having other websites linking to you. This is a process that takes time, a lot of time.

Google does penalise websites trying to take shortcuts by having a lot of low quality websites linking to your website in an attempt to fool the system.

I can use my own websites as another example of being better than the rest. It should be clear that I have been blogging for years about Kwikwap websites. It certainly does work for me and I regularly get new work via this website. It has taken years and still I am continuing. 

To become the number 1 website in a specific industry is possible trough a Kwikwap website but it takes extra effort. You need to give Google a reason to believe you are the best.


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