February 2021 Newsletter from Buddy Web Design

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This is our first newsletter for 2021 and in fact the first newsletter in quite a while. So what is news?

This year marks our 14th year in the web design industry using Kwikwap as a website builder. (We are also able to offer WordPress websites.)

With Kwikwap you can now upload products and services to your website by simply sending a WhatsApp message to your website from a pre-selected number. This is useful when you have a lot of products that you need to upload. We often find web design clients sending us products via WhatsApp that we first have to download to a PC before uploading the products to the website.

Kwikwap has also introduced a simple inventory system where you can enter the number of available items and the system deducts the available inventory as you sell the product.

Many more smaller improvements have been made, too many to mention, as Kwikwap improves its product offering like it has been doing for the past 16 years.

2020 saw a lot of people getting used to the idea of doing meetings online which is good for our business because we offer our training services via Zoom or Google meet. In the past, people often insisted to meet us in person and that resulted in a lot of wasted time traveling to and from clients. We find that clients are more comfortable when they sit behind their PC in the comfort of their home while learning how to manage the content of their website. Both Zoom and Google meet have screen sharing capabilities which makes learning the content management system of the Kwikwap website builder very easy. 

Even though the average person on the street can easily manage his or her own website we find that there is a trend going back to the days where the webmaster does most of the website maintenance work. We offer both solutions to our web design clients.

Other news is that we have, at the request of our clients, become more and more involved in assistance with Facebook marketing. (Assisting with organic posts, designing electronic flyers, setting up Facebook Ads).

Our average web design prices remain R4,000 with R200 for new domain registrations, renewed annually at R150, and monthly hosting now R190 per month which includes doing small basic changes for you free of charge.

Tip: You may notice a dramatic improvement in our grammar and spelling. This is because we have started to use Grammarly which is free to download for the basic version.

May you have a blessed 2021 and come out safely from this pandemic.


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