G Spot Explained

Buddy Web Design, hitting the G Spot every time! That’s the slogan on the back of our new company T Shirt.

Picture above - New T Shirt

We are no experts in this field but the normal G Spot seems to be a place in the female body which, if found and stimulated, apparently can lead to much pleasure in the form of heightened female orgasms. People differ in opinion on whether it actually exists or not. It seems to be difficult to find. Every now and then someone with time on their hand will write an article of the elusive G Spot and usually publish it in either a feminine magazine or magazine aimed at men.

Who says the G Spot is elusive? Who says the G Spot even exists? Our G Spot represents Google or search results. We will let people concerned with the anatomical G Spot concern themselves with the anatomical G Spot.

For most small and medium businesses, getting good results on Search Engines might feel like searching for the G Spot.

Before we continue let us make an important statement, a very important statement.

The owners of Buddy Web Design are engaged to be married. We practise the Christian faith by having a relationship with God. The act of making love or having sex can be viewed differently by different people. It can be beautiful, fun and holy or it can be viewed as a negative or dirty experience. Your viewpoint will be determined by pre existing views on sex. We are not responsible for other people’s views or past experiences.

We do not want to dwell too long on this topic, on the topic of the G Spot associated with sex and the female body. We have not found that G Spot but we will keep on having fun trying to find it. We do not want to search for the answer on whether it really exist or not but rather pretend it does exist and that we will continue searching.

In the same sense the G in the G Spot on the back of our T Shirts could represent Google or not.

Google is not the only search engine and a lot our future research will be directed at other search engines. Relying on Google results or search engine results should never be the only strategy employed when marketing your website.

Getting Google results is what most people expect web designers to do for them. We at Buddy Web Design have spend a lot of time in writing a Website marketing manual and we spend a lot of time on our monthly marketing newsletter. In general the feedback and the reality of the market in which we operate in is that it is too long. Small and medium business owners do not have the time to read articles on how to get Google or search engine results.

It is cool to have a Facebook page and lately the talk is Pintrest , Instagram and Twitter! Social Media Marketing has become the buzzword.

Getting web design clients to really understand search is like getting people to understand the G Spot. Just when you think you understand something will change and it will always stop before official and final confirmation of the actual existence of the G Spot.

We spend our daily lives trying to understand search, trying to educate our clients on the matter as well as understanding and researching other means of marketing such as Social Media and wearing a T Shirt. We know for a fact that most, if not all, of our clients who follow our guidelines are successful at Internet Marketing. We often include ourselves on the mailing list of our client’s request a quote forms so we know when the first orders or request for quotes come in through their websites.

We are not to blame for clients who fail at Internet Marketing. We firmly place the ball in our clients court, so to speak because we spend proper time educating our clients, helping them to have a realistic view on search and what they need to do in order to be successful at Internet Marketing.

The idea of the T Shirt was born from our Cape Town’s Coolest Web Designers project. 

After having printed the first two T Shirts using the Google logo we searched online to establish whether we in fact are allowed to use the Google logo.  It turns out that using the Google logo on T -Shirts are specifically forbidden so we had to go back to the drawing board. See below.

Picture above of first T Shirt idea

Using the Google Logo creator we replaced the Google Logo with the word Search on the front of the T Shirt and we changed the back of the T Shirt design from saying “We are cool we get you onto Google, using the Google logo”.

It is a pity that we are not allowed to use the Google logo because it has a lot to do with what we do.

Google completely dominates the online search market, so much so that Google has become a verb included in the dictionary. Wearing the T Shirt for one afternoon I did notice that the T Shirt turns heads and get people to read the text in the search bar “Cape Town’s coolest Web Designers”.

We hope that without realising consciously people will still experience the Google feel when looking at the front of the T Shirt. Surely we should be ok with using the word Search on the front of the T Shirt? Having search completely dominated by one search engine is not a good thing. Not for consumers or advertisers at least. We hope that other search engines grow their market share. Competition is good in any industry and generally sees prices coming down and fair business practises being practised.

Because negative critic is to be expected from people we may know or may not know we have taken time to write this article. Also because i felt like writing and we have run out of Data time, waiting for it to arrive after the school run so we could start our normal working day. Who would have thought that so much could be written on the G Spot.

The Cape Town’s coolest web designer’s project has now turned into a G Spot project!

As outlined on our previous newsletter we wanted the project to be a search research project. We wanted to establish whether we could do well with the specific longer tail search term “Cape Town Coolest Web Designers ”. Generally it is very easy to do well with longer tail search terms. In this instance we have learned that Google replaces the word cool with words like best, awesome. In other words Google takes the needs of their users into consideration. They are asking themselves “But what are someone looking for when they are looking for the coolest web designers in Cape Town?”  In these preliminary Search Results lies important lessons.  Google considers their users needs and cannot so easily be “tricked”, even with longer tailed searched terms. We are being mentioned somewhere on page 2. We are also getting results now with words like best, quality. We changed some of our more important website text after seeing the search results for “Cape Town Coolest Web Designers and we wanted to include ourselves when someone searches for the best.

“You have to include words on your website if you want to be found for them when people do searches.”

The one result we did not expect is that a client of ours actually ordered a T Shirt and wants to wear it. We wanted to give it away for free but the client asked to pay for it. The cost of a T Shirt is R150. That is very cheap considering that we have to wear clothes every day. We are suppose to spend a lot of time on the streets doing cold calling and visiting our clients for follow up or training purposes. We hope our creative T Shirt design turns heads and get conversations going in the direction of getting Search results. That is a practical reason for us designing the T Shirt. The one barman at a local pub has already asked for his T Shirt. So we could get some free advertising.

We hope that some people will view the T Shirt as creative and will later Google for Buddy Web Design by viewing our Web address on these T Shirts. Maybe only out of curiosity, who knows?

We do get business from the internet ourselves. Most of our business these days comes from the internet. It is really strange that some web designers do not have their own website or that their websites are half the time under construction. How they still convince business owners to do business with them is beyond me.

Because we ourselves are partly reliant on Internet marketing and we write SEO books and manuals on Internet Marketing we have to ourselves be involved in Internet Marketing and continued research.

We will be collecting our G Spot / Search T Shirts today and share on Social Media. We hope it gets a few shares and likes on the Internet. Fortunately we now have an answer for those in need of healing on their negative views on the beautiful thing called sex / making love. I am sorry for your negative past experiences on this matter. Our real concern is actually something completely different.

The big and mysterious G! How to get it right!

We hit it every time with clients willing to spend the time or pay for services like website copywriting.

That is what our G Spot represents.

Somewhere on our website I once mentioned the word Bikini Girls. It had to do with another Social Media experiment. I wish I could find it again but we are now sometimes being found on mobile searches for bikini girls on Facebook. It is weird what people search for on the Internet. Only time will tell whether we are getting search results for the G Spot. Chances are slim that someone researching the G Spot will suddenly be interested in a Web Design company. So we might inadvertently be attracting a lot of useless traffic to our website. Aha the other half of Buddy Web Design is back with data!

We hope we have made our G Spot a little easier to understand.

We have the challenge of writing monthly newsletters on the topic of Web Design and SEO. We are also tasked with having our own Social Media presence. It is to be expected of a web design company.

That’s quite a challenge to write something you know a very small percentage will read. This has been an interesting deviation, another experiment on which we will report back on later. Herein too lies an important lesson:

Search engines are looking deeper into website content and if you really want to stand out from the crowd you need to busy with quality in depth research on your subject and then provide the research results on your website. That is the future of SEO.

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