Google's Mobile Algorithm Change

Google to penalise non mobile friendly websites

For weeks now Google Webmaster Tools have been sending messages for website owners to fix mobility issues. Come 21 April 2015 websites that are not mobile friendly can expect to be dropped in rankings in favour of websites that are mobile friendly. How soon these new rollouts will affect Cape Town and the rest of South Africa we do not know. Speculation is that this update to Google’s algorithms will be bigger than the recent Penguin and Panda updates. (Whenever Google implements a major algorithmic change a name is given to such a change.) Fortunately all our websites are designed to display neatly on different devices.

Best advice for website owners

No matter what Panda’s or Penguin’s are around it is best to focus on doing the basics well and to focus on a great informative website. Search engines are just one way your website will attract visitors. Doing the basics well like considering headings, using your own website copy and describing your products and services in detail you will have won half the battle already. Sit down and first make a list of what makes you unique and your service stand out above the rest. Be sure that these characteristics stand out on important pages and in the headlines / introductory paragraphs of important pages.

Website marketing guides

We have written no less than 3 marketing guides during March 2015 which deals with how to get the best search results and other ways to market your business website. There is a mini 2 pager, then there is a short guide of about 5,000 words and then there is the complete guide which is complemented with nice You Tube videos. Because our clients can manage their own website and everyone wants to be on page 1 of Google we try and explain how search engines works and how to go about achieving the desired results.

Website Copy Writing Services

One of our clients commented that we should not offer our clients choices but solutions and he complained that he does not have time to read manuals so we have decided to offer website copywriting services for our clients. These services will start at R2, 500 per project. That may sound expensive but writing website copy is a specialised service. You first have to do extensive research on the topic; study websites of the competition, then develop a unique angle which to present the business you write about. You have to consider using key words but still write for human visitors and be mindful not to be seen as spamming search engines. We expect the average website copywriting project to be billed at R5, 000.

New templates coming up

We are working on adding thousands more Wordpress Templates which we will be able to import into the Kwikwap System. This is great news for people wanting the popular scrolling menu options which Wordpress offers. These designs are popular because of the increase in use of touch screen devices to browse the Internet.

We hope everyone has a safe Easter especially those who will be on the roads. Melanie will be taking the kids to the one direction concert in Cape Town tomorrow affording me some quality time with some mates. wink

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