Growing your web design business

At the beginning of the year I intended to start writing a series on running a web design business and specially running a Kwikwap Web Design Consultancy as we are actively looking to recruit potential Kwikwap consultants for our Kwikwap franchise.

I have just spend three hours teaching a very analytical person how to manage the Kwikwap CMS (Content Management Software), sharing How Search works , focusing on Google Search as well as helping the client figure out how the layout of his website should be.

This can be tiring if you do not have the patience or skills to train other people.

Not all Kwikwap consultants offer training yet they do very well.

The first step when joining Kwikwap and embarking on a career of Web Design is to figure out what type of service is you going to be offering. It makes sense to work around your personality and your strengths to determine the kind of web design offering.

Types of web design service offerings


When selling any product or service you are suppose to match the needs of your clients. At the end of the day you have to fulfill a persons needs. When doing sales you have to listen very carefully to what a clients needs are and then decide to offer to meet those needs at a certain price.


We offer web design services at between R0 and R3,999. People can get their second or third websites for free after they have received the initial training because it is the training that takes up all the time. We often only request that they pay R700 for a professional custom web design.


This is our preferred type of service offering where we empower a client to understand the world of search, to be able to manage the content of their website and to monitor actual results via Google Webmaster Tools. Once you have trained a client to that level chances are that they will be successful with their website project and remain a client for life.


Some people do not want training. It could be that they either are too busy or because they are scared of technology. Others prefer to focus on their core business and to pay others to do the technical things for them. The client I trained today found me because he searched for SEO services Somerset West. If you really want to be successful on the Internet via a website you will need to understand Google and need to have user friendly software to self manage your website, unless if you have deep pockets to pay others to do regular updates for you. Your pockets will need to be especially deep if you require content writing services.


Back to the topic of this blog entry: Growing your web design business…


I have now invested nearly 8 hours with one client. I believe this client will be successful and I will continue to earn hosting fees for a very long time. That will the powerful semi passive repeated monthly income.


I need about a 1,000 such clients to be able to retire. Well not retire but appoint the right staff to continue managing my business for me while I provide strategic direction. One day I will be king of the hill. In the mean time it is hard and patient work with one client at a time.


The good news is that people talk and that one happy client will lead to more happy clients being referred.


We sometimes offer cheaper web design services where we give no training, where it is really a simple 3-5 page web design. Unfortunately these clients are not always so successful with their website and they eventually cancel their hosting agreements after finding a new web designer or finding a new career. There are opportunities to offer many more services for clients who do not mind to pay for results.


These services include photography, website copywriting, SEO consultations, link building services, advanced graphic design and social media marketing services.


To be a successful web designer you need to earn enough money and you need to do enough marketing and sales, offer additional services at a fee perhaps have a second job or a combination of both. Like with short term insurance sales you do build up a recurring revenue stream and over time you might find it easy to offer web design services full time. This does not happen overnight. It takes time.


The great advantage of our software and our system is that we have walked the walk and gained the experience. We are able to guide potential Kwikwap consultants into becoming a successful web designer.


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