How much content should one add to your Kwikwap website?

How much content should a website owner add to his Kwikwap website to get the optimum results? (It does not matter whether it’s a Kwikwap website or a Wordpress website.) The principals remain the same.

With Kwikwap websites the average person can learn in minutes how to upload content, content which is key to success and the idea of Kwikwap from inception was to be user friendly allowing normal people in South Africa to be their own webmasters.

Firstly the right thing to do is to ad only your own unique content to your website otherwise that content might be penalised by search engines for being duplicate content.

The obvious answer to how much is as much as possible.

By adding as much as possible unique content to your website you are doing the best you can do towards the On-Site optimisation of your website, optimising your website for search engines like Google.

But what real unique content can one plumber or electrician or dentist ad to his website from the next plumber, electrician or dentist?

The answer is not much. Plumbers fix leaking drains, do new installations and maintenance on existing installations, renovate bathrooms etc. Electricians do new installations, maintenance on existing installations, issue COC’s. Dentist perform root canal treatments and fix your teeth.

What is definitely different is that everyone has their own unique business address. One should ad your address to your website and most definitely must also have a Google my business / Google maps listing. (The latter is free.)

What is not free is your time.

It takes time to populate your website with unique content. While you are doing so it makes sense to ad content that your future clients will want to know. If you manufacture different types of doors for example you can have an extensive portfolio on your website to which you can refer potential clients to. The same applies if you sell a range of tiles for example.

So while it takes time now to populate your website you should try and spend that time on adding information to your website which will save you time in future.

There are many other ways of marketing your website than by publishing content and hoping for search engines to find you. You should be practical in your approach and consider doing the basics well and also consider your time as an important asset. Sometimes it can be cheaper and most definitely quicker to go straight to Google advertising to ensure you get potential customers visiting your website.

You might be a web designer like us writing about Search Engine Optimisation but you are competing for a spot amongst specialists from all over the world. The same applies to a psychologist writing about ADHD or Bipolar with the idea of attracting possible new clients. You might spend years writing on these subjects but unless you are not regarded as an industry leader you will not get enough other quality websites to link to your website and your efforts will be in vain. At least not completely but not for these common or popular topics which have been discussed to death on the internet.

To be found for something unique you have to be unique. It does help for your website’s average word count for the total number of times a certain keyword is used so do not be discouraged if your Blog entries for example do not find themselves in the top 10 in the world.

You will notice that at the beginning of this blog entry I include the words South Africa and I include the words Kwikwap. This is because I know that this specific topic has been covered to death by technical specialists but not by a South African, writing for South African website owners looking at getting a Kwikwap website. I might well be found over time for these longer tailed keywords . “ Kwikwap Website Content , SEO etc”.

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