How to improve Google Results?

You are receiving our December Newsletter because of our recent interaction regarding our web design services. We offer more than the traditional normal web design services.

At Buddy Web Design we assist ordinary business people to become extraordinary internet marketers.

How do we do it?

Firstly we explain to our clients how Google works and how using your Kwikwap Website will you monitor the success of your website trough accessing daily hit reports.

We then educate our clients on what they can do to be more successful / to have a better internet presence. (Basically that boils down to having a lot of good original / own content on your website).

After having received your website and training Google Results depends on your own efforts on building an informative / interesting website. We will show you how to upload photo's , newsletters, faq's , specials , product information.

Our ideal / successful clients focus on the content of their website and diligently work their way up on organic search results.

Our ideal clients / target market are those business people who are keen to get Google results and are realistic and serious about their internet marketing approach.

Please follow below link to open and download a simple to read document detailing how you can improve Google results.

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