Improving the SEO of a Kwikwap Website

The Kwikwap Head Office often asks us to make contact with Kwikwap clients in order to improve their website's performance on search engines such as Google.
We do this by following the following process:
1.) Ensuring that the main page title description fits the business description and includes important keywords.
2.) Ensuring that the website's sitemap has been submitted and that clients have access to Google search console where they can view their actual Google search results
3.) Ensuring that the home page and about us page introductory paragraphs contain important keywords. (Contains what you do and where you do it and not for example start with a vision or mission statement).
4.) Products and services must be properly described and not be one-liner sentences
5.) Headings on a website's different pages should contain keywords
6.) Important keywords and descriptions should be website text and not images.
7.) Having an faq section on your website can improve SEO
8.) Asking suppliers/friends with good (high ranking) websites to include a link to your website from their website.
It takes about 14 days after improving the content for us to start seeing the improved search results.
It will require us to have 2 - 3 online meetings of 1 hour each and of you spending time creating new and improved content which you can upload or ask us to upload.
Our fee for this service would be +- R1,200.

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